Once oblivious of the ants, now carefully I tread
And the birds come calling to eat thanks to you.
The once desolate valleys are full of beautiful lilies
Hills no longer barren heights seem, for Guruji’s advice
To love all nature; I see the beauty of God’s creation everywhere.
Ah, going from a unit to have a foretaste of the Unity of  All Life
Immeasurable thanks to Guru Mohan to feel All That Is
In the confluence of rivers, the pounding of waterfalls, the surge of oceans.
In the crackle of thunder, the buzz of bees, and in the soft glory of 
The rising and setting sun Guruji points to The Voice of All Life.
I cannot thank you more, Guru, for the gift of your birth,
A birth that occasions many more births in supreme awareness.

Dazzling gems on your Diadem of Supreme Consciousness
Blind the prodigal son of The True Home prostrated at your feet,
And the greatest gift on the day of your entrance into this ashcan world
Won’t be a gift, but submission to the Divine Will you incarnate for all Atma.
Strike me with your Staff of Supreme Awareness, that I may catch a fever
A  headache, a cold, the madness of Supreme Consciousness.
Happy birthday Guruji, as you turn this school of hard knocks
Into a veritable paradise of awareness, with your oft-unappreciated ways.

Charles Ndifon Londi
February 2022

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