Guru’s Grace

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Gratitude perpetuating the
Very core of my being
Oh, beloved master
Your grace has humbled me
The seed of longing
Has been nurtured by
Your divine love

Love becomes transfixed
Your eyes intoxicating
My desire burns incessantly
The ocean of love flows
It’s unstoppable

For a common person like me
Oh beloved Mohanji
You welcomed me into the

A love that is God personified
I have been given a chance
To be reborn into Your grace
Mohanji my father

You have shown me what true
Love is
I have found the rarest diamond in the
None can compare this priceless treasure
All Mohanji’s devotees, you have been
Kissed by God grace
Surrender your heart
And know you will be taken
Care of


Written by Bavani Anop

on 22nd March 2018