108 Salutations to My Guru

bilja dancing in front of mohanji


I bow down to You who can lead me beyond the duality

Take me into the true, permanent, full-oneness reality

And save me from the see-saw of happiness and sorrow

Beyond space and time, yesterday, now and tomorrow


I bow down to You, the cause of all worlds, source of bliss

Who helps people to cross the ocean of the worldly abyss

My spiritual eyes were blind until You opened them wide

And filled me up with sacred knowledge as an inner guide


You pervade everything and brought me to this realisation

I am coming across Your plays face to face in awe-adoration

You brought me to see all the world is virtual, impermanent

In the midst of ignorance, You are such a powerful illuminant


You made me truly love my children instead of being attached

Without being possessive, my love for You is now unmatched

It is by Your grace that I even have this thirst for sacred reality

And continue to sustain this inner burning fire of eager fidelity


I bow down to You who tells us to look at the Creator as oneness

That the Creator is not separate from the all-pervading Universe

You are also always in the state of full oneness with everything

In constant bliss and peace of mind plus unaffected by anything


You have the power to give me mantra and I received it gratefully

I cherish it as sacred and holy and repeat it constantly, faithfully

As with Your all-seeing eye You penetrated in depth of my being

By uniting with mantra, I reach vibrations much more liberating


Your consciousness is the cause, Your wisdom appears as the effect

You play with the body material, seem ordinary, common, imperfect

You give us knowledge and wisdom to digest by mind, intellect, ego

Though You are beyond knowledge and ignorance – pure energy flow


There are no two leaves alike, such is diversity in this common reality

However, this variety is the manifestation sprouting from true unity

Your knowledge and actions sprout from the pure, core natural values

You represent both cause and effect as one, teaching eternal life clues


I take refuge in You who are operating beyond sundry emotions

Per cosmic order, from no-mind silence without any commotions

If anyone deviates from these universal intergalactic principles

Because of ignorance, they go through suffering which multiplies


There’s no mystifying anything here, it is the law of nature

To comply to the true guidance, trusting the Guru’s stature

As Your greatness is beyond description or even imagination,

While You humbly guide disciples towards spiritual liberation


You are calm, neither pushed into action nor away from action

In a state beyond the influence of gunas, expressing compassion

Your peace cools us down, pacifies our heated chattering minds

You give emptiness when our minds are overloaded and blind


You are Creator, Preserver and Dissolver, universal cosmic pulse

Embodiment of compassion, may you show mercy, grace impulse

The one who has eyes will recognise You, who has ears will hear

Your whispering eternal truths into one’s eligible receptive ear


I bow down to You every day, with devotion and great reverence

Feel my constant chanting to You with sweetness and fragrance

In the direction of unbiased witness-hood, dispassionate presence

The pulsation of Creation, Preservation and Dissolution in balance


Even great scholars, educated in Vedas, Upanishads, all scriptures

Are humbled in front of Your greatness, purity and what it nurtures

Knowledge acquired and kept as theory becomes experience, feeling

Thanks to You I understand the scriptures’ deeper goal and meaning


Nothing is higher than You, my dear Beloved, I am at Your service

The joy You give me is real, the joy You can give me is eternal bliss

You are the source of all knowledge and have overcome the mind

You tirelessly keep performing righteous actions for humankind


When I think of You and remember You with Love intense, personal

What happens is Your immediate presence, energy is at my disposal

It is there, it does not travel, it just surges from that mere thought

Oh, how can I give in return at least a tiny crumb of what I have got


You can keep me humble, help me to avoid the trap of conceit

Therefore I surrender my mind, intellect, ego at Your lotus feet

Nobody can actually serve a self-sufficient Master, the true Light

at least guide me to serve the world better for Your holy delight


Focusing on Your consciousness is my source of joy and comfort

With You in my heart and Guru mantra I feel as Your true consort

Like a shadow attached to You every moment, on every location

As place and time have no role here in my heartfelt connection


By looking at Your eyes I pass to Your graspless consciousness

I hold on to it by loving You dearly, thinking full of lovingness

Pulsation in my head shows well I have caught Your frequency

Breathing through the spine lets me stay in it with accuracy


I write in praise of You who are God-realised, who have reached

You show with Your example what many people only preached

Guide me to that state of neither attachment nor detachment

For Your sacred compassionate care there is no replacement


You say “You are THAT” and I understand it with mind matter

But my mind keeps pulling me, used to various useless chatter

I observe it with objective eyes, no judgement or accusation

Cause awareness increases by acceptance towards liberation


I experienced unimaginable intense bliss in Your presence

Even prolonged ecstatic laughter beyond “common sense”

You are in such bliss all the time, offering it to the aspirants

God is unprecedented, You are fully radiating His brilliance


You are the best healer from the disease of birth-rebirth cycle

From emotions which accumulate, experiences which recycle

The greatest of all Yogis who mastered Yoga goal and excelled

A repository of peace and compassion, into service propelled


I keep You in the flower of my heart with countless gentle petals

Creator, Preserver, Dissolver, a Seed planter and Recreator roles

I see You blessing me and protecting me from fear

Can You hear me how I address you lovingly my dear


You are the formless birthplace of all visible or invisible forms

Being liberated, You conform to only cosmic universal norms

You are as pure as the steady flame that burns upon an altar

I’ve been Yours since I met You and will remain forever after


While everything is changing, You remain beyond all change

You are always in an elevated state, free from impure range

Free from ignorance, the embodiment of knowledge and bliss

Fully self-sufficient, there is nothing in the world that You miss


I bow down to You who help the knowledge to get revealed

I purify my mind, discarding ephemeral thoughts concealed

To merge with the peace unaffected by time, space, situation

I’m yearning to leave through the top of my head in liberation


You’re beyond yogic practices, free from ignorance, all-pervading

As the unmoved mover You permeate the immovable and moving

You have perfect control over the energy and garland of elements

But most of all You’re the lifelong source of my deepest sentiments


As fire, the best purifier, You burn the seeds from causal layer

My inside I do not know, I keep cleansing it and add a prayer

I wash and polish the heart inside to be Your accommodation

Hoping no temple’ll be dearer to You than my heart’s location


I bear the fruit and consequences of my karma, cause and effect

I accept it, I offer You to burn the rest of it, only soul to protect

Burning away the remnants of sundry unconscious impressions

It goes without saying I’ll serve You through all my expressions


There’s no higher truth than You, or greater penance than service

There’s no greater knowledge than of reality shown by Your grace

You comprise all the worlds and are the light dispersing all darkness

You made me realise true bliss through the mindful art of beingness


Being without beginning or end, in constancy of immortal flow

You re-establish true human values, help the awareness to show

I may not have read all the sacred scriptures in such large portion

But I surely know how close I am to You through humble devotion


I bow down to You who accepted to be my focus of devotion

And You are happy when I evolve steadily, in steadfast motion

My actions are now based on higher wisdom, God-propitiating

Thanks to You I perform activities heart-expanding, liberating


If one protects cosmic principles, they protect him, it’s mutual

What keeps the universe together is what remains as perpetual

I’m blessed to learn this sacred wisdom directly from the Source

To live in the way You show as the never-ending cosmic course

Your name through Your mantra has become like my heartbeat

Its vibration deepens the connecting feeling, lovable and sweet

Through the power of compassion You cut my bondage to earth

Until then I keep being grateful for making me free from rebirth


I bow down to You who grace me with perfect and valuable bliss

As nobody can actually serve You, I serve the world as practice

Then the meaning in Vedas, Upanishads and other sacred texts

Opens up and I understand the deeper wisdom in true contexts


A disciple should never lie to You, talk badly or sit improperly

Each thought, word, action should show reverence internally

Who talks in arrogance wishing to overpower You in argument

Is bound to reduce his frequency drastically, destroys alignment


You protect me from all kinds of worries, miseries and fears

Even the fear of death became something which disappears

You have the power to keep my inspiration at the highest level

I just opened to You, You made me an energy and text channel


I’m looking forward to know the real nature of elements

I know You can give me that knowledge only in increments

As much as I can take, You fill me up with it as an empty cup

For more of it I need an extreme mind-intellect-ego shakeup


You are a liberated soul while You’re still living in a gross body

You sanctify a place where Your body is, You sanctify everybody

You represent the holy grail which generations have talked about

You’re living sacred wisdom that people think is hidden far-out


As a burning lamp with passionate fire spreading brightness

You light other people’s lamps leading us to eternal lightness

While You remain burning, shining in the dark with intensity

We also started shining, nurturing the inner fire of sanctity


I strive for the eternal, formless immense love that You are

You set an example and have become a devotees’ lodestar

Unperturbed by any taint, concepts from human menagerie

Without ego You mirror man helping him in spiritual query


Through Your grace I should see the myself, my True Self

Substratum of the whole universe You became Yourself

Following the path of pathlessness, the path of liberation

The road signs get digested, they aren’t just information


The entire creation, animate and inanimate is manifestation

Of the formless, unmanifested, THAT which we call the ocean

Ocean with which I yearn to merge and become one eternally

From form to formless, I am bound to go back to it zealously


We don’t need to search for You, with loving call You appear

Wherever there is truth, You explicitly show that You are here

When You’re on my mind as well as in heart, desires disappear

You make my questions answered and the ambiguities clear


My mind used to flutter and squat on noises, peace violators

For me God used to be a cliche misused as an excuse for wars

Like a fly that comes into flats, on animals, instead of its place

My mind used to roam everywhere else except on Your grace


Therefore this change that happened to me is even bigger

Because now I keep thinking of You and feeling inner vigour

Vigour for immaculate, omnipresent, loving soul’s shelter

Being steadfast on this path, I feel You deeper and better


I salute You, the guru of all the worlds who showed me the way

You guided me where to look, not what to see, then insights stay

I salute You who are eternal, embodiment of knowledge and bliss

Who bestowed such grace on me of experientially knowing this


You are not different from all that is, You are one with all

Beyond birth and death, one immortal consciousness’ soul

Which expanded to each atom of galaxies here and beyond

You are always here when called, compassionately respond


You are beyond three attributes, sattwic, rajastic, tamasic

You are always aware of Your Real Self, Source of being ethic

Beyond concepts and even knowledge which leads to eternity

Beyond the intellect which leads to realisation of the Infinity


You consented to be my object of contemplation, meditation

I direct my feelings to You, eternal source of bliss and devotion

You are seated in the center of my being, soul or inner space

I wish that apart from this, for You there is not a better place


I observe the Self, focus my attention on it while mind calms

Thus quietened, I penetrate deeper into inner space realms

Until I one day realise I am That – The Supreme that You are

Mergence with You will stay and You will still be my avatar

LIII (53)

Dear Eternal Being, beyond birth and rebirth, beyond all change

The Absolute consciousness and bliss beyond start-finish range

Unprecedented reality, free from disease, untouched by sensuality

Beyond all that exists, the imperceptible giver of joy and prosperity


As flowers have colour and fragrance, Your nature’s omnipresence

Every worm eventually becomes a butterfly, I’ll also become essence

You are beyond name and form and therefore beyond description

I am going with You through thick and thin with faith and conviction


I can read and study sacred scriptures but I want peace of mind

Without Your grace mind is chewing the tips but I’m not aligned

I bow down to You as You saw what is best for my constitution

You gave me a mantra to practise to fearlessly allow dissolution


You see when I am empty enough, keen and completely ready

To realise my Self in a fraction of a second with my mind steady

By meditating on You I am becoming indistinguishable from One

And really enjoy what You told me, to shine bright like the Sun

LVII (57)

By focusing on You with love I stop being attached to body, looks

I see Supreme Being beyond all misery, as described in the books

It permeates everyone and everything, with the same consistency

It is only that each object, person operates in different frequency


Thus focused on You with intention of letting go of attachments

I welcome Your glance, my heart jumps from Your benevolence

Then my body starts trembling, heart choking and eyes tearing

From fulfilling oneness in love and this highest energy sharing


By Your grace I remain in solitude, absorbed in Self, in silence

There is no need for any social expression, common utterance

Just being in this atmosphere of completion, joy in perfection

Embracing all creation in inner freedom, welcoming liberation


A guide to liberated existence, to be happy with what we have got

Whether particular food, clothes, person or situation’s there or not

Not only desires, but also even if there is not enough for our needs

Mind should be stable and happy, free from desire on which it feeds


You are in the state of omniscience, embracing all this creation

You expanded, now You feel Your soul contains all manifestation

I also strive for feeling calm and peaceful every time everywhere

That nothing can touch me, that I fearlessly care and dare


While You are elevating me, my lineage is also elevated

Innumerable dynasties are soaring after they’d stagnated

They are enabled to cross the ocean of illusion in a second

Reach the ultimate mergence and fusion which beckoned


I salute You whom I recognised as worthy of being my Guru

I love You, respect You, feeling deep and tight bond like glue

I may fall flat prostrating at Your feet or in front of Your face

And sing hymns and odes, delicately weaving words like lace


Your compassionate acts can protect one from God’s wrath

But nobody can protect one anywhere ever from Your wrath

Therefore better be in harmony with cosmic order You show

Stick to the principles of true values, pursue them and follow


I serve You in supporting high principles of eternal true values

I had never searched for any Guru or saint for spiritual clues

You just appeared in my life at the right moment and stayed

Since then for Your presence, compassion, mercy I’ve prayed


What’s the use of a teacher with knowledge but unstable mind

He can only fill the brains with information and keep me blind

But God’s grace gave eyes to see so I recognised Your stature

I have set off on the path of pathlessness spiritual adventure


A disciple should not be praised by anyone if he has not risen

If he hasn’t transformed, become freedom from karma prison

But he also attains Wisdom through un-learning and connection

With undistorted clarity of purpose, emptying, perfect devotion




I salute You who conceal Your true stature, always downplay

Seeming to as common as very ordinary people in a social way

Underplaying spontaneous messages which are actually sacred

Because all You say comes from the Source, the truth naked

LXIX  69

Your state is firmly established and cannot be shaken

You firmly lead on the path of pathlessness I’ve taken

You even mastered what the noblest, royal Yoga offers

Raja Yogi, the Ultimate achievement, the goal of scholars

LXX  70

You brim with Wisdom, compassion, love Unconditional,

Established in God’s consciousness, operate from the eternal

Rooted in love, delivering pure love, sharing it in abundance

You are invaluable beacon of light showing true brightness

LXXI  71

Shunning a True Guru drives one to death instead of immortality

Ignoring His mantra makes one reel in illusion of comfortability

Those who falsely assume the characteristics of the virtuous

Who think universal laws are their slaves, atheists, the injurious


The ungrateful ones, the hypocrites, the unforgiving, the wicked

The fraudulent, those who neglect the soul or whose heart is rigid

These are all closing themselves to incomprehensible greatness

You cannot give them anything because they lack faithfulness


Only those who always beware of negativity and stick to virtue

Opposed to sin, who digest what You teach and not only chew

You can fill only them with Bliss and sacred Knowledge impart

Because one’s eligibility is increasing with pure devotional heart


I salute You, my soul’s dearest guide, who help me avoid pride

Who teach me all virtues of practising lifestyle on positive side

I’m attached to You, the sacred space of omnipresence clever

Let me progress and realise we are One for now and forever

LXXV  75

Coming into a space, You fill it with the energy You’ve become

Then the whole space becomes sacred, and we feel awesome

It is not up to the sensations, but there is elevation happening

In Your presence inner purification is spontaneously betiding


When mind is dissolved, when five elements are disintegrated

When there is only a perfect and all-pervading state attained

We will only exist, just exist without time-place coordinates

As the energy of compassion, my dear Master, who liberates


I direct my intellect, senses, life energy, mind and words

To You, focusing on our unity in etheric kingdom of worlds

I bow down to compassionate grace which connected us

And gifted me with the decision to raise my vibrations thus


You harmonised all philosophies and processed all wisdom

And You serve it like baby food for us on the way to freedom

Liberation cannot be attained through chasing worldly goals

But through selflessness and sharing energy with other souls


Oh, You operate from the level of the highest frequencies

You can help thousands of souls in a few seconds, overseas

You visit us, talk to us, heal us and go back to Your dimension

Because You can extend and contract time, for our ascension

LXXX  80

Each this line I recite to You is a mantra of love and devotion

It reminds me of Divine Presence, compassion without distortion

I feel gratitude as the wind under my wings flying to freedom

I cherish the inner peace on the way towards eternal kingdom


I contemplate on God which unites us, throughout a day

It is gratitude which is my first and foremost thing to pray

I am staying in gratitude and aspiring to Your state eternal

How much I love You can only be felt in the realm internal


It is love beyond ideals and concepts which surmounts all

No ideals should ever be above love, whatever our goal

Ideals or standards match, but even if they don’t, love stays

Unconditional love is what my being with full heart prays


How many tests, challenges and temptations life imposes

We are to fight for positivity like warriors, to grow roses

We should never judge the pain from holding their thorns

But cultivate them so that their beauty shines and adorns

Brightness is to be nurtured, Your teaching is to be lived

There is a lot of positivity to be increased and conceived

You are a beacon of light, but we are to keep glowing

I feel fulfilment while You enjoy watching us growing


My longing for freedom is a result of listening to my soul

You’ve manifested to play an essential and liberating role

I do spiritual practice to purify my mind, focus on the learnt

Yearn for the truth to be kindled in my heart, impurity burnt



I cultivate tolerance, forbearance, charity and magnanimity

I perform loving service to the helpless to regain their dignity

I help the distressed and disconsolate, I am loving to everyone

My love is no more personal, it overflows, showers on anyone


Love bears love as its fruit and is incomparable with the world

Love offers only love, it cannot be described or proved by word

Love is priceless, essential, precious, its sweetness is unexcelled

Love for You and Your creatures is the sweetest and unparalleled


My heart is Your kingdom, You are well settled in it, oozing nectar

Your brightness is shining stronglier than the sunlight full spectar

For You my heart is broadening, keeps filling with boundless bliss

With Grace we are merged in oneness, the Source’s eternal kiss


Love is always there, we are here just express it and it grows

The more we express it, the more it grows, who’s tried knows

When we do what we say, our faith strengthens, trust goes up

Love grows only when we energise it, that is how love piles up

XC 90

I want to develop more love for You, more devotion, I pray

So I keep watering this fragrant flower of love just every day

I sanctify my life by melting in Your embrace open for Grace

While I swing on the swing of duality, You’re the stable place

XCI 91

You marked out the path to live without suffering but in bliss

By cultivating the virtues of charity, compassion and sacrifice

By practising positivity, letting go of limiting beliefs, concepts

By putting a ceiling on desires, after totality of life one accepts


I feel dirt of possessiveness is being washed away

I only consume and digest what is going to stay

I am making two steps forward then one step back

However, it is essential that I am on the right track


The greatest gain or the greatest knowledge is achievable

You’re a living example of that, the greatest bliss possible

Realising our true nature, like pure brightness in a lamp

Gaining a new vision, expand in awareness and revamp


The highest goal in life is to realise the Supreme oneness

You are available to guide me there, to remove blindness

I cling onto You like a baby to its mother, or a lover to lover

Into eternal bliss even after my blindness in this life is over

XCV 95

After seeing the Ultimate there is nothing to be seen

It is in that state where I want to stay and have been

After that there is really nothing to be gained, known

It is exactly the reason why I incarnated and was born


You live in the state of the Supreme Abode, all-pervading

A stable state of oneness, nondual, indivisible, everything

You’re unlimited bliss, giving Your all, we accept a fraction

All beings are illumined by Your presence and interaction

XCVII   97

You hold me, guide me, protect me and energise me

But I know that I must keep learning on my own, free

Nobody can teach me to be truthful, peaceful, egoless

It is where I am reaching with own efforts, I do confess


My mind is more and more still, thoughts are good

Brimming with good thoughts, actions are good

Life’s eminently meaningful, purposeful and worthy

When I can rely on You, always there, trustworthy

XCIX   99

We are of only one religion – that of Love and gratitude

Revering and serving all, in society as well as in solitude

You are omnipresent, with spiritual discipline we connect

The guide who is already established and thus can protect

C   100

Visualisation is tremendously powerful, I do it all the time

From this connectivity, what sometimes comes is a rhyme

I am stirring You in my every drop, cell and atom, life is sweet

Every moment in this sacred union is making my life complete

CI   101

You teach to live in the now, a reminder to belong to eternity

To acknowledge my timelessness and let go of what isn’t divinity

I learnt from You to be fully easy-going, flowing like a river

Not allowing emotions to attach to me and make me quiver

CII   102

Thank you for not making me to copy-paste your identity

But making me even more independent in my authenticity

Nothing You said is mine until I chew, digest and enliven it

Only when I myself live it do I allow divine principle to be lit

CIII   103

You teach us to observe silence, as it brings divine blessing

But to raise our voice to help the beings which are suffering

To be receptive when we absorb what is from divine source

But discriminate, withstand the influence of negative course

CIV   104

You teach us to be fully obedient to the Divine will, let it be

Behave in accordance with our conscience, always stay free

But not to try to “be good” because somebody else says so

Cause blind servility is opposite of divine, like telling God “no”

CV   105

There should be humility coming from awareness that we are

Just inhabiting this body, helping its journey like petrol in a car

Our mind, intellect, personality are instruments for expression

Serving as a means of Divine guiding us on the way to liberation


CVI   106

As a part of great divine plan, to trust divine energy in our hearts

We never do with our own strength, all the power God imparts

Our confidence is to come from this omniscient, never-ending source

Not to fall into pride or conceit, deluded that personality is that force


CVII   107

You teach us to know when to be fast, energetic and efficient

To recognise when to be patient, slow, cautious and persistent

When to act without procrastination and make the best decision

But to know when to let discernment ripen into a clear vision


CVIII   108

Our value is not in various materials, which are outer conditions

It is in degree in which we express God in our lifestyle expressions

I remain unaffected whether someone glorifies or reproaches me

I am on the way to the state of perfect equal-mindedness, free


I’m surrendering this poem to my beloved, ultimate spiritual guide Mohanji.

Biljana Vozarevic

13th January 2019