An Ode to The Guru

<i>Written By Preethi Gopalarathnam</i>

The beacon of light in the darkness of life,
The silent strength that manifests when all else fails,
You have no birth, nor death, you exist as always,
If only we open our veils to find you.

Love is your nature,to give tirelessly your being,
People love you, hate you, rivel in your presence or abuse you,
It doesn’t matter for you do your job,
You are dispassionate about people’s nature,
You shine on them like the sun’s rays
If only we open our veils to feel you.

They say they search for you in vain,
They say that you reveal yourself to a chosen few,
Those who deserve you find you, but is that so?
Do you exist outside of us, and show yourself when we are ready?

I believed all of this and I searched in vain, from books, to teachings to teachers I hoarded,
In the hope that I can finally catch a glimpe of you.
And then I saw you after I gave up my search,
I settled inside myself and saw my reflections in others,
I was ready to move on, to let go but didn’t know how,
I was desperate to release my burden.

I saw you my Father and didn’t recognise you at first,
I  liked to hang around in your presence,
You made me comfortable with myself,
I started feeling lighter, the more I was willing,
the more veils were peeled.

I have nothing to do, just to be in acceptance, in faith,
I am being worked on, I know there is no mistake,
How can I try to undestand what is happening, when my senses are limited,
my logics are  based on conditionings and past experiences.

I dont want to lose you, I want to hold you tight,
Fear clouds my mind as I struggle once again,
What should Ido to be in the path?

From the silence I hear a familiar voice,
Be still, surrender, you are not the doer,
Oh if only I can own you, I want this power!

But alas I am aware that I can’t own you ,
For to own you I must be your true reflection,
I have to love unconditionally and shine dispassionately,
And then I realise it just doesn’t matter,

For I finally get it dear Father, I cannot own you, I can only Be You!