Good Night Papa Mohanji

Goodnight sleep tight
Oh my beloved papa
Take care of yourself
Know that I am

Thinking of you always
My dreams have
Become you
My thoughts have become you
Your consciousness resonates
Within my heart

My heart sings to you
The melody of the soul’s journey
To go back to the abode of the beloved
You are the sun that rises in the morning
And sets in the evening

When I look into the sky
I think of you
Every movement of the creation
Resembles your love
You are the example I want
To become one day

Day and night
My memories of you have become
pictures in my heart
Your voice has become
The sound waves in my mind

Know that the whole world loves you
My lord
For you are the alpha and omega
We worship you oh beloved Master
No one can compare this precious priceless
Love that you bestow on us

Your grace is so sweet
Incomparable is this taste
Oh beloved papa
No earthly language

Can depict the humility
And compassion
Of a perfect living saint
The world owes you
The debt of our gratitude

Written by Bavani Anop
on 6th December 2017

A Christmas Song for my Beloved Mohanji

christmas - wish
It’s the eagerness and endless gratitude
That my writing to my beloved Father
Became possible
There is a saying that goes
No cord or cable can bind so tightly
As love can only do with a single thread
I would be the happiest person to sing
This song for Mohanji

I wish you a Merry Christmas
Papa Mohanji
And Happy New Year
For all you have done for me
I will never forget
Your beautiful face
Your loving eyes
And your warm embrace
Word can never explain
The formless one

You light up the galaxies
And they become the stars
You are the Santa Clause
That gives us a great gift
To free us from this mind
That traps us all in ignorance

I would like to come in your
Sleigh my beloved Mohanji
and meet you in heaven one day
I am left speechless with love like this
So I wish you a Merry Christmas
And Happy New Year

Will you grant me this boon
So I can meet you
So I wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas
And Happy New Year
I see Christ in you, Buddha and many masters
There will never be a Christmas
Without my Guru’s love

You are king among kings
My gift to you is my
Heart oh lord
All I say I love you Mohanji
I thank you my lord
For finding me
So I wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year

Written by Bavani Anop
on 7th December 2017

A Disciple’s Prayer

In the stillness of my heart
I silently call you
I am drawn by this love
Every master knows

I pray that you guide me
Wherever I go
You will watch over me
My beloved Mohanji
My prayer is never to let you go

Lead me to your heart
That is what I want
I pray I find your light
Out of this darkness

So my prayer to you
Is to guide me through your
Through your grace

Take me to this place
For where all bliss resides
Take me to my home
Where I truly belong

Every disciple’s prayer
The lord knows
I pray that you keep me
In your heart forever
So this is my prayer

Written by Bavani Anop

on 8th December 2017

Who Am I?

Who am I

I opened up, my petaled hands
and saw this bright dazzling light,
where is this light outside?
Shining from above?
Or does it exist all around me?
Who am I, the red rose bud or the flower that bloomed?
Who am I, the stem, the leaf or the roots that nourish?
Am I the seed from where I grew or the soil that nourished me?
Who am I? The water that gave me life or the wind that got me pollinated?
Or am I the plant that slept in the seed hidden from the waking world?
Perhaps I am the light as I can’t see any of these without it?
Who am I? The one who sees these differences or the one asking the question?

Why am I here? Where do I come from?
What did I come to achieve? What happens when I wilt and fall down?
Do I become the earth? Or the bird that pecks on me? The worm that I nourish?

As I wonder about these innumerable questions of my mind,
the wind blows kisses on my face,
the sun showers its golden light,
perhaps I am here just to experience
the drama of life set on the stage of time,
and my transition from this life would be
the birth of another such experience.

And then from the stillness,
the mind starts its dance, who am I?
And the drama continues… in the sands of time.

Written by Preethi Gopalarathnam

Waves of Life

I stand in the shores of time and look out,
At the beauty of my own performance!
I come and go with intensity again and again,
Only to join back, into the ocean.

I make an impact on the sands and rocks,
Until the next erases the previous grandeur,
The sands bear witness to my encore performance,
Allowing the game to be played on their stages.
As every wave I come and go,
Some small, some mighty, some seemingly insignificant,
Only to join back, into the ocean.

It seems a bit tiresome to look from the shore,
Isn’t this pointless, pray what is the use?
I come and go and make an impact,
Until the next wave erases the past!

Ah, it takes grace to understand my purpose,
You see, I have no hand in my performance,
I am sometimes big, other times small,
It depends on the wind, the tides and such…

I witness, as I am lifted up to my full glory
only to be crashed into the rocks,
I watch, when I am just a tiny surf,
as I gently caress the sands.

If you, oh witness, ask me what my purpose is,
I will smile and tell you, just experience the ride.
I live with intensity when I make the splashes,
I equally enjoy the gentle ebbs,
For these are games I play on the sand,
Only to go back, into the ocean.

Written by Preethi Gopalarathnam

I Dedicate a Song to Mohanji

In Mohanji’s arms
I am flying to you
Life has a reason so that
I can meet you

I need your grace
To release me
From all this brokenness
That I feel within

Memories pour from my heart
Only to hold your loving face
In Mohanji’s arms
I feel your love

From this dark empty space
Called the mind I am trapped with
I have found your treasure
I found my refuge here

So exhausted by life’s pain
You have come to take me
You have rescued me
In my grief and sadness
Your love made everything possible
My lord

In Mohanji’s arms
My soul takes flight
To know I will find comfort here
My lord

From this empty feeling
You filled me with love

Oh grateful I am
Only to fly back
To arms of my master

Endless love for Guru Mohanji

Written by Bavani Anop
on 5th December 2017

Mohanji’s Heavenly Voice

MAR_4468 FB

Mohanji, my dear Father
Love knows no boundaries
When I think of you
All pain and sadness disappears
Only your radiant face
Appears in my mind

You give me hope
You give me purpose
You give my life meaning
Life is empty without your presence

Mohanji, your words have captured my heart
Your unconditional love
Reverberates the remembrance of God
Oh dear Father, you are the pearl of price
Your heart is the entrance of God’s home
Come, oh dear master, I long for you

I long to see your heavenly face
We are all caught in the rapture of your love
A glimpse of you is worth millions of life times
Oh father the disciple is waiting with folded hands
When I look into your eyes
I feel safe, protected
From the snares of the mind

Come, oh dear souls
Come sit at Mohanji’s lotus feet
All darkness will disappear
Faith will be restored
Broken hearts healed
Light will emerge
And wisdom will unfold

Endless gratitude

Written by Bavani Anop

on 3rd December 2017

Mohanji, the Jewel of our Hearts

Mohanji's feet FB
Oh precious master
Just wanted to say I love You
I’m lost without You, my lord
Only my tears can express
The separation that I feel from You

I long for your presence
And I know your fragrance
I know You’re just a breath away from me
I follow You in my thoughts

Where ever You go
I will be there for You
Waiting for my beloved
You give me hope out my despair
You bless me with Your love
You bless me with Your teachings
Your love has healed my wounded heart

My memory of You
Has become my journal in life
From my weakness You have become my strength
My heart owes You a debt of gratitude
Your eyes are the pathway to God’s heart

Your love has germinated
Into the hearts of many devotees
Each heart is blossoming into the water
Of Your love

My only truest calling
Is liberation
Gratitude has become the core
Of my very existence

Thank you
For been my lantern of true guidance

Written by Bavani Anop
on 1st December 2017