A Poem on Mohanji


Written by Neelima (India) 

This is a poem inspired by the famous Saint poets of Indian origin, Sri Tyagaraja and Sri Ramadasu.

Paraatpara swaroopa,charachara roopa,
Yenta daya needi,nannela vachina naa gurudeva,
Nenentati daananayya, ninu pogadagaa,naa deva.
Oh lord Almighty, you are present in the animate and inanimate,
So caring and considerate, You have come to liberate me.
Who am I, an ignorant being, to praise you and your Leelas (divine deeds).

(This is from the first line of the song   “Paluke bangaaramayena.” of Shri Ramadasu a great bhakta of lord Rama. Here the poet complains that the Lord is not speaking to him even after a lot of pleas. I have changed this according to my experience with Guruji.)

Paluke bangaaramayena, ani nenu ananaitini,
Piluvakane palike krupasaagarudavu neevaitivi
I cannot  say that you are not  speaking to me and you don’t listen to me,
In fact, you  are so generous and full of love that you come to my rescue, even before I say anything to you

(The below two lines are from the poems of Sri Tyagaraja a great devotee of Lord Rama. Here  the poet complains that lord Rama has been forgetting him. But our Gurudev never does that :))

Marugela raa o raaghava ani nenu ananaitini,
Nenu marichina… nanu neevu maruvavithivi,
I cannot say that you ever forget me,
As, even when I don’t remember you,
You are always connected to me
Nee Nagu momu ganaleni naa jaali telisi… nanu brovaga raaraada
Ani kooda Nenu ananaitini… nanu brova , nuve nadichi vachitivayya naa dariki.,
I cannot even say that I am not able to see your ever smiling divine face,  so please come and bless me,
As,  even without my asking you come to my abode and protect me.


(The last two lines are my original :)),

Ika naaku anni neeve ayitivi… anni ichedivadivi neeve ayitivi,
Annitilo nuvve, neelone  anni undagaa… ika emi Koreda ninu,
Janma janmala neerikshana, phaliyinche…nee raaka to..deva.

Neekemi ivvalenu  ani telisu… kaani manasaagaka..techanu manasu kusumamam,
Anduko vayya…  nee charanamula  lo ee Chinni kaavya sumam.

Now you have become everything to me, you are the one who is giving everything to me,
And I see you in everything and I find everything in you,
What more can I ask for,
The eternal waiting of so many lifetimes has been fulfilled when you came into my life.

And I know that I cannot give you anything but still I bring you my heart as a floral offering
Oh Master, please accept my small poem as a flower offered at your Lotus Feet.

Mohanji's lotus feet


Jai Mohanji





Our Father, Our Almighty


A Poem written by Lt Col (Dr) Nikita Naredi 


Baba, our Almighty

Full of smiles, blessings and love a bounty;

You have touched many lives,

Cleared thoughts, eased minds and created positive vibes.


Mohanji our Father, Baba and Ultimate Master,

You have been spreading the message of unconditional love and peace thereafter;

Purity of thoughts, words and actions is your aim,

Imbibing your teachings makes us blessed we can claim.


To some you are Christ, to some Shirdi Sai,

Freedom, liberation and non attachment to achieve we try,

Baba your meditations, Satsangs and retreats make us spell bound

To reach higher realms and progress we endeavour to become sound.


Bless us, forgive us, enlighten us,

Even if your children fret and fuss,

To serve the universe is your aim and purpose,

May the Supreme Almighty bring love and purity in surplus.

M2a Fb