A Bubble in the Cosmic Ocean

Here is a poem explaining that human life is like a bubble in the cosmic ocean. Many bubbles are formed shine and vanish. If we have blessings and guidance of Guru there is shift in awareness from outer world to inner self . Once  you realise self and become one with universal consciousness you are in bliss and become immortal.


In Hindi:

क्षणभंगुर से शाश्वत

बन बुद्ध हे मानव
शरीर छुटे, मन छुटे
ह्रदय भी
पर बुद्ध थे, और हैं
आज भी
बाह्य की सोच में
चित्रकार, मूर्तिकार
दार्शनिक और वैज्ञानिक
तू हो ज्ञानी , सोच
अंतर्मन की ओर
खुद को जाना ना जिसने
क्या जानेगा वो संसार को?
जाग, उठ स्वयं को जीत
खुद को निहार, खोज उसे
जो, तुझ में है बसता।
परिचय होते ही, सब शुन्य
दृष्टा बन रह जायोगे।
आत्म पहचान, आनन्द तरंग में
कर श्रवण , जीवन संगीत
एक हो चेतना समस्त
आनंद मे प्रफुल्लित
क्षणभंगुर से हो तुम
शाश्वत, हो जायोगे
शाश्वत, शाश्वत।

Written by Nirupma Chaudhary

on 5th April 2020

Happy Birthday Mohanji

Happy birthday Mohanji - from Singapore

Here is yet another devotional song by our own Sonia Gandhi that was offered to Mohanji on his Birthday and enjoyed by all audience present in the function.


There was a stream of new songs offered by devotees that filled the air with devotion and bliss.
Mohanji’s Aarati in Tamil by Madhu’s mother from Mumbai
Mohanji’s Aarati in Marathi by Mahesh from Canada
Datta Aarati by Sanjay from Canada
A song by Sudha & Kirti from UK
A song by Sonia from Australia
Two songs by Ulla from Denmark


Happy Birthday Mohanji

I wish to dedicate this poem in Hindi for Mohanji on his Birthday

तेरी कृपा से मैं यहाँ हूँ
तेरी कृपा से मैं यहाँ हूँ!

ओ मेरे देवा ओ मेरे मोहन
ओ मेरे साई ओ मेरे दत्ता

तेरे कमल चरण में  शीश नमन कर
जीवन मेरा धन्य हुआ

जितनी बार गिरा हूँ मैं
उतनी बार संभाला

हर तरफ हो तुम मेरे
हर तरफ तेरा ही उजियारा

हर रूप में तुम समाये हो
हर रूप का आधार भी तुम हो

दिन रात तेरा ही नाम लेता रहूँ
तुम ही आसरा हो मेरे

तेरी कृपा से मैं यहाँ हूँ
ओ मेरे देवा ओ मेरे मोहन
ओ मेरे साई ओ मेरे दत्ता

प्रमोद नायर

Pramod Nair, UK
23rd February 2020
Happy birthday Mohanji, devotion, love, bhaav, bhakti

Birthday Offering

Birthday offering at the lotus feet of Mohanji – a poem from Sudha Thakur, UK:

Mere Mann Ka Mann Mohan
Sthit Mann Mein Mann Mohan
Chitta Mohan Tan  Mohan
Karta Mohan Karak Mohan
Bhav Sagar Se Tarak Mohan
Sthit Mann Mein Mann Mohan
Mere Mann Ka Mann Mohan

English translation :

My Heart’s joy is Mohan
Resides in my heart, the joy Mohan
Consciousness is Mohan, Body is Mohan
Doer is Mohan, Done is Mohan
From the Ocean of life, the Liberator is Mohan
Resides in my heart, the joy Mohan
My heart’s joy, is Mohan

A very Happy Birthday to my dear Mohanji


23rd February 2020

Experiencing Mohanji


Mohanji is a magnificent golden living waterfalls;
Falling from the heights of heaven.
Golden waters of grace, shining with colors of love and liberation.
Pouring down with power that enthralls.
Beating down with beauty that permeates the breeze.
People leaving behind their masks and baggage,
Ready to jump into the higher consciousness,
Waiting to trek towards liberation
Come to bathe in Sadguru Mohanji’s divine presence.
The gold waters! – They work magic!
Washing away stubborn egos,
Silencing the chattering mind,
Healing the brokenness within
Filling the emptiness with love,
Melting away past burdens,
Unfolding the path to liberation!
Smiles light up faces, sparkles in eyes.
A lotus blooms deep within.
Transformation!– slow and steady.
Greater awareness; greater compassion;
A promise of a freer tomorrow.
Bathing becomes an embrace,
Embrace becomes a cleansing.
Cleansing leads to lightness.
Lightness leads to the light.
Thank you Mohanji. Pranams.


Written by Mala
in February 2020

Grant Me Your Grace

devotional poem, prayer, grant me your grace
I’m only human caught in this trap of my mind
Mohanji Guru
Help me believe in what I could be
And all that I am my Guru
Is a soul seeking Your love
Show me the way back home
Show me a way into the silence
For that is all I wanna be
Master grant me Your grace
Beloved master for my sake, teach me Your ways
To become like You
And follow Your example
One step at a time
Beloved master
That’s all I’m asking from You.
Just give me the strength
Papa Mohanji
To do every day what I have to do.
Yesterday is gone
But today is my hope
And tomorrow may never be mine.
Lord help me today, show me Your way
Beloved master
One step at a time I will take
Do You remember, master when You spoke to me
You told me You know my heart
Sometimes I am in pain master
But Your words have graced me
What can I say
Thank You my dear Mohanji
Written by Bavani Anop
on 5th January 2018

The Urge of the Soul

devotional poem, kneeling prayer

Oh beloved master
I knock at Your beloved heart again
listening to your satsangs 
brings out the best in me

Your profound truth marries
my very existence
Your message plays
the music of love
the soul becomes the dancer
lost in the symphony of this divine delight

of pure bliss
the soul opens like
a thousand-petal lotus
giving of His perfumes
just to see Your face
help me rise above

The mind’s limitations
emotions that imprison
my freedom
merge me into the oneness of Your love

Guru you have lifted
my thoughts into freedom
the seed of longing
has been planted firmly
into the beloveds heart


Written by Bavani Anop

on 10th January 2018

My Heart in the Guru’s Love

Mohanji 10

Oh beloved Mohanji
Your kind and gentle voice
Whispers softly into my ears
Reminding me of who I am

Your love has infused
My cells with grace
My heart is burning intensely
I am saturated with bliss
The soul has been nurtured
By Your never ending love

Every breath is in Your name
Every utterance is in Your will
Your teachings are the rarest
Jewels in this world

Your presence brings
Happiness in this world
Satisfaction to the heart
You gave me hope through
My depressed state of mind
You have conquered the mind
Only to teach us Your inner wealth
Jai Mohanji


Written by Bavani Anop

on 9th January 2018


Mohanji, Make a Way for Me

Devotional poem - Mohanji Make a Way for Me

Tears rolling down my cheeks
Awaiting Your presence
Heavenly Father knows that
Your child awaits thee
I seek shelter in Your infinite grace
My soul craves for Your darshan
Mohanji recuse me from my dilemma

I am empty without Your love
I come with nothing but my true self
I offer all that I have at Your lotus feet
I seek nothing but Your love

My heart is calling out to you
Hear me papa Mohanji
In the midst of my suffering
And turmoil
My heart plays the music
Of love for You

My heart still longs for You
The flame of love burns
ever so brightly for You
Your majestic face
Can never be forgotten
From my mind heart and soul

Your presence is the medicine
For my soul and my troubled life
I long and yearn for this priceless treasure
To behold the glory of your presence
I just want to hug You Father
For that is all I want
Papa Mohanji


Written by Bavani Anop

on 22nd January 2018


Guru’s Grace

Mohanji 8 960x640

Gratitude perpetuating the
Very core of my being
Oh, beloved master
Your grace has humbled me
The seed of longing
Has been nurtured by
Your divine love

Love becomes transfixed
Your eyes intoxicating
My desire burns incessantly
The ocean of love flows
It’s unstoppable

For a common person like me
Oh beloved Mohanji
You welcomed me into the

A love that is God personified
I have been given a chance
To be reborn into Your grace
Mohanji my father

You have shown me what true
Love is
I have found the rarest diamond in the
None can compare this priceless treasure
All Mohanji’s devotees, you have been
Kissed by God grace
Surrender your heart
And know you will be taken
Care of


Written by Bavani Anop

on 22nd March 2018