You Are the One!


As vast as the sky, as deep as the ocean,
You are the One, that encompasses them.

As bright as light, as dark as night,
You are the colours, that lie between them.

Like a buzzing bee, as sweet as honey,
You are the One, that draws all near.

In this physical form, with the gentle smile,
You are the One, that merges with all.

The twinkling eyes, and the long white garb,
You are the One, that deceives everyone.

The smiling eyes that light up a million hearts,
Can I withstand the fire within them?

The fire that rages and burns all karma,
Is it really You, that leads us up the path?

Ablaze but covered by a sheath of form,
This formless You, can never be perceived!

You are the form, you are beyond the form,
Bound by none, free of all.

Lead us on Mohanji, I pray to you,
You are the One, the Supreme Consciousness!

My koti pranaams to the fathomless Father, My dear Mohanji!

Jai Mohanji!

Written by Rekha Murali
on 22nd November 2018