My Gurudev


I have nothing to give you
Nothing to add
What can I give you, that you don’t already have

I have nothing much to say
All songs have already been sung
early birds in the morning praise you with brilliance
each day the sun comes along

In my dreams I’d be a flower in the garland around your neck
There, close to your heart I could hear your breath
That sweet sound of life itself
might bring about a happy death.

Then throw the garland in the river
Let me flow along the stream
Until the river meets the ocean
And there’s no One left to dream.

Written by Ulla Bernholdt
on 29th March 2019

A Tribute to Mohanji

The poem this morning happened spontaneously as a response to the Mohanji quote of the day and within 5 to 10 minutes it sort of made itself appear. I cried when I read it:

“I had always loved you. I love you every moment. I love you through thousands of living beings around you. I love you through everything, every material, space and time. I am LOVE. And I give you all I have.”

Suddenly I found myself in your garden
How did I come here Beloved, I asked ?

No need to ask what is that Rose?
Just enjoy the beauty while it’s still here
Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice sincere !

Soon enough that Rose is gone
The petals spread upon the ground
Though the fragrance of it
you cannot forget.

Soon enough you will be gone
Memory lost next time you’re born.
But the Master, He can never forget.
Life after life
His fragrance leads you to that garden of Love.

How did we come here Beloved ?
The fragrance you cannot forget,
the truth is that you never left.

Written by Ulla Bernholdt

on 24th March 2019