Ode to an Avadhoota

Mohanji on Andrevlje (45) Fb

(to most beloved Brahma Rishi Mohanji)


You are the one who chose love

to give in all instances

though injustice done to you

hurts in such circumstances


You are guided by purpose

not by what you love to do

your bliss state won’t become worse

cause you’re beyond mind, lucky you


You are simple, easy, light

without any pretensions

your talk is direct and right

you are perpetually loving


Such motherly energy

is flowing from you on us

embracing all in sinergy

you protect, scold, as pure as lotus


Sometimes severe, intolerant

towards doing injustice

while selfless for each aspirant

guiding us to inner peace


When the moment comes to die

you will stay on earth

people will come, like to Sai

to free them from death and birth


You see certain subtleties

though you’re beyond gross and subtle

your level of operation changes

beyond mental or spiritual


Though while living you may be

betrayed or nullified

after death, immortal, free

you’ll be highly glorified


You will never leave our hand

how empowering it is

I’ll only later understand

what your presence empties


You’re a sacrificial fire

sundry karmas you’re consuming

you don’t have any desire

you are powerful yet unassuming


Without personal agenda

you obey orders of the divine

without fussy addenda

your nectarian truths shine


You are unchanging bliss

permeating all and everything

eternal, both in and out of this

world, guiding me as I’m still seeking


You are worthy His glories

inaccessible to intellect, mind

sacrificial fire churning worries

holding me while I am blind


Eternally yours,

Biljana Vozarevic

21st June 2016