Happy 50th birthday Mohanji!

Happy 50th birthday Mohanji


Divine Feminine

As I sit on the plane of life,
looking down through the windows of time,
I look at you oh mother stretched out below,
and can’t help the lump in my throat that arise,
how perfect and beautiful you are,
the ruggedness of your physical beauty
and the subtlety of your esoteric perfection.

Oh mother why can’t I see your true presence
in everything that can be seen and perceived,
in everything that can be known and loved,
In the beauty and on the face of so called ugliness,
nothing is separate or different from you.

If only the eye that sees and beholds
can tear off the veils that distort your beauty,
in you and through you alone can I perceive,
my Father, the only one I ultimately want to know.

Mother help me perceive you as I stumble through this journey,
let me feel your constant presence as I find my way through the maze,
through the clouds, the whirlpools and floods,
and through the flow of life as it gushes and stills,
until I finally reach the SEA.

The mother in me and the mother which is you,
Oh Nature, we are so perfectly blended.

When I see the mother in me, I see your motherhood,
unconditional and profound perfect
When I see the mother in me, I see my father,
silent, loving, eternal I see the oneness in me and you and him.
I see the eternity of our union in your eyes.
I See.

Written by Preethi Gopalarathnam

22nd Feb 2015