Boundless Love


Hurt by the people you love
Hurt by the ones that are close to you
I thought love does not exist
How could it be possible

Well the impossible became possible
God heard my crying heart
And satisfied my emptiness
And I was swept away by Mohanji’s love
A love that’s boundless, endless beyond human comprehension

Mohanji, you filled my empty space
By accepting me in your grace
It’s like an unborn baby waiting to be
Welcomed into this world
Wrapped in the blanket of this universal love

The baby takes its first look at Mohanji
And instantly caught in this rapture of love
Creates the divine spark
There the soul feels it’s true connection with Master
Charged with God energy
The whole body feels light

I found a treasure beyond measure
A light that will never diminish
Mohanji, thank you for being part of my life
I found heaven in your heart
For that is where God resides

Written by Bavani Anop

on 28th October 2017


God Voice


Oh beautiful beloved Guru
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul
Your eyes are the gateway to God heart
The reflection of your eyes
Depicts the ocean of love and mercy

In your eyes is the expression of joy
And never ending bliss for those who seek comfort
Will find it through your smile and your empowering wisdom
We are the fortunate ones to be in your presence

Your voice pierces the the hearts and minds of many
When our beloved Mohanji speaks
It’s like liquid gold
Quenching our thirsty minds
Giving nourishment to our souls
Giving us refuge in your holy company

Mohanji, even nature dances in your presence
You light up the galaxies and cosmos
The whole universe is in tune with your love
The creation enjoys every moment of your presence
Love that can never be bought but only experienced
Through Mohanji’s grace

Like Christ said, “Be still and know that I am God,”
Mohanji imparts the same message of love
To wake up to this beautiful state of never ending bliss

Mohanji, our offering to your holy feet is Your blessing to us all
To lead ourselves by your example
To seek no rewards to serve selflessly
To become better human beings
To enrich our every thought with only love and love alone
With purity love and awareness

Thank you
For letting me find you

Written by Bavani Anop
on 27th Oct 2017

My Biography of a Perfect Saint

Mohanji 1

Mohanji is a perfect Guru that God has sent to us

to take us out of this prison-house called the mind

His teaching eloquently describes the pure essence

of unconditional love  and surrender.

It’s impossible to describe in words

His saintly stature.

Mohanji’s teaching has impacted many lives

by spreading love around the world.

Like a honeybee going towards the nectar,

whoever gets the taste of that divine nectar

will know for sure He will never leave them.

Just to have a glimpse of him

spending time in his divine presence is

like having God sitting at your dinner table.

People from all parts of the world witness his love

are lost in His beautiful teachings

and captured by His grace.

He is a lantern of true guidance

in the midst of our sorrow, happiness.

Masters are  a perfect example  of compassion.

They represent peace for all who were fortunate enough

To meet a perfect living Master.

Our  hearts need to be receptive to  receive His grace,

empty everything when you are in his presence

and I am sure you will be filled with love.

For sure, you  will have the bliss

and company of a perfect Master.

When Mohanji speaks, you  will get lost

in this beautiful energy, this perfect closeness

You will be  in sync with his consciousness.

Mohanji quotes a phrase, we have to rise from ashes

like a Phoenix,  never to give up

His teachings give you the tools to reach the highest potential for spiritual growth

As human beings, we are so trapped in the mundane activities of the world

that we forget our higher purpose.

Our highest purpose, Mohanji teaches  us, everything is transitory and fleeting by

Life is like a bubble that can burst anytime.

Here is our chance to connect with Mohanji  in this very lifetime

to be swept into  the current of His love

His teachings impart to us  all to make that connection with our true self

Where real bliss resides.

The Guru has given us the knowledge, the key

all we have to do is

unlock the mystery within.

Mohanji’s teachings are pure

all you have to do is

merge with the beloved

by means  of practice, mediation,

healing yourself from negative setbacks in life

that trapped us from our real purpose in life

And that fine-tuning will  eventually connect us to Mohanji’s frequency.

He is a diamond that you can keep in your heart forever

All we have to do is just tap within.

The currents of his love permeate every human being from the old to the young,

from the sick to the disabled, from the hungry to the less fortunate.

All in Mohanji’s eyes are one with God.

Mohanji’s humility towards helping  others

is certainly enriching everyone’s life

into perfect harmony.

Mohanji is like a father that every daughter longs for

His impeccable teaching has left us all spellbound and at his lotus feet only

Begging for more of his love and grace.

Knock at Mohanji’s heart and He will open

For you to come in a personal invitation from God with love

Mohanji is the ocean of all masters
He speaks the language of love
leaving his fragrance of love for all those

who come in contact with His pure consciousness

A priceless pearl indeed,

for language is a poor expression

of his benevolence and kindness

Thank You, thank You

For Your unlimited Grace

Written by Bavani Anop

on 16th October 2017

My Beloved Guru

Standing (2) side pose FB

Oh beloved Mohanji

I am crying within for you

If I could save my tears and

Water the garden of your love

Eternity will be complete for me

Every moment I see Your heavenly face

I long to see You and be lost in Your grace forever

My soul wants the company

Of You, Guru, just to be in your presence

To gaze in God’s eyes and never look away

And tell you softly

I have been waiting for You

From the time I was sent into this world

To grant me the boon

To sit by your lotus feet

Somehow I cannot explain in words

My anticipation grows, my faith expands

With strength in my heart

Courage in my soul

I pray for the moment that one day

My dream of meeting you

Will come true

Your are the ocean of divinity

And I am the drop

Ready and willing

To merge into the divine ocean

Of bliss forever

Thank you for allowing

Me to find you

My warmest greetings

And my love

Written by Bavani Anop

on 16th October 2017

Helplessness of a Soul to a Master

Bird, cage, released, soul, master, liberate

Tossed by the waves
And the stormy ocean of my life
There was a cry for help
Hello God can you hear me
The waves still came crashing against my life
Down on me I cried to the Lord again
Hello God can you hear me


Suddenly the waves of my mind grew in silence
Calmed down and and I gazed at this heavenly face Mohanji
Mohanji was the lighthouse, the refuge in this storm
That I was able to anchor my life on


Mohanji in the midst of all our storms
Struggle misfortunes, loss, grief
Comes as the captain of the ship
And rescues all souls
That were held in captivity
In this storm of life
Mohanji was the lantern of
Guidance and strength


So I humbly say to all Mohanji’s devotees
Let the spark of Mohanji’s love
Burn forever in your heart
Like the bee to honey
Tastes the sweetness of nectar
Become the guru flame
And let Mohanji’s
Legacy of love, make
A blueprint in our hearts
Passing it on for generations to come
How fortunate we are to come
In contact with a perfect Guru like Mohanji
It is surely priceless
With my sincere greetings
To you Mohanji

Written by Bavani

on 15th October 2017

My Noble Guru

Mohanji 3 FB

You have wiped my tears with your compassion

You have rescued my aching heart

Your face like millions of suns shining brightly

Sitting in the lotus position

Talking to God

Is the true art of God creation

Pen and paper cannot describe your majestic beauty

Shining deep within all your devotees


You feed my soul with spiritual education

Transforming me slowly into the better part of my true self

Sent me to explore my true nature within

The true God self of all human beings

And not as the world would judge

Sharpening my every thought

I try to listen to your satsang

Without fail sometimes I miss

But thirst of my soul waiting to be quenched again and again

My longing grows like flowers 💐, my heart keeps knocking

For more of your love 🙏🏻


Today it’s about how you make me feel and the rest of humanity

Bringing us into your loving benevolence kindness

and your unwavering devotion to us all


Your are the living Christ

The living Buddha

A true master

A master piece

Mohanji we all thank God

We have found you


Written by Anop Bavani

on 15th October 2017

A Winter Dream


A cold winter morning, with a cup of steaming hot tea

I am watching through the window.

Life as is unfolding in the busy street ahead

Man-made suffocation, artificial smoke, a busy, hurried, blind and senseless world I saw.


People. People. People. People walking, people talking, people swearing

People running. People riding. People sweating. People shouting

Busy people. Happy people. Scared people. Loving people. Hating people

I saw a world of conditioned movements, and emotions of faceless people and nothing else.


What am I doing here? I wondered

A world ruled by salt and sugar. A world of emotions.

A life run by tongue! A life of bondage uncalled for

I swallow this world slowly with each gulp of tea


A world of meaningless emotions and uncontrolled expectations

A world of helplessness and impossibilities pasted on each stranger’s forehead

A world where love is on sale for money, world of limitations, world of death.

A world where every dream is bought and sold, I too exist.


What am I doing here? What have I got to do with this blindfolded world?

Where have I buried my heart? Where are the real people?

Where is real love? Where is real life? Why am I here?

Am I dreaming? Is my tea an illusion? Is the window my mind?


Nothing is me. I am not anything. I am not the people nor people are me.

Nothing remains for ever; neither me, nor the tea or the window that shows me the world.

I am the deathless. I am the witness. I have the feet no world can bind

I have no beginning. I have no end. I have nothing to give nor to take from here.


Written by Mohanji on 19th October 1990, in His post college days when intellect was penetrating the relative world in search for the permanent truth. The transition is visible here.

Bliss of Oneness


She said,
“I am sad”
God said,
“You are my child, don’t be”
She said,
“If I am your child, why can’t I see you and feel and touch you?”
God said,
“I am all around you, see all my creations and above all your parents.”
She said,
“Parents are living God, I agree, but who else can I see you in?”
Leaving all this on one hand she slept and woke up with a heavy, yet asking, asking and asking heart with no logic mind like a little baby,
“Where are you, my Lord above and after all, where I seek you around me? I want to feel your touch and presence.”
The journey began.
Each passing day her soul was searching for someone whom she can see as God.
The karmic imprints were leaving her heavier day by day and one fine day, with deep grief of why she was existing on this earth and fighting back and forth with her existence to know who she was and why she was here on earth,
she met someone who chose her to be the ONE with HIS consciousness.
YES, in the Ashram of Ramana Maharishiji she connected to HIS eyes and right into HIS consciousness and appears before her the GRACIOUS MASTER BRAHMARISHI MOHANJI.

The moment she connected to HIM she saw that her soul was at peace and on some different plane altogether.

She bowed and said thank you for appearing Baba and HE asked,

“Are you sure you want to walk this path?”
She said, “YES”
HE said, “It’s not easy, I am a vacuum cleaner,” and gave her a mystical and mysterious smile.
She said, “But not impossible, I am ready to wear a beautiful body on this soul.”
So be it.
Since then she has gone through so much nullification of the baggage she was holding and carrying since various lifetimes, all with HIS grace.


She  was  always GOD fearing
Her Baba Brahmarishi Mohanji made her GOD loving

She never acknowledged herself
Her Baba Brahmarishi Mohanji made her learn self love

She never knew she was a potent being
Her Baba made her completely aware that he could work through her

She never knew that she was in constant fear of future
Her Baba made her aware how receiving HIS grace had no fear of future

She never knew that all around her was HIS pre-scripted programme
Her Baba made her learn to recreate and uncreate all and re-script the rest of her life with all the grace, glory and joy around her.


She is now in bliss of love
Bliss of silence
Bliss of light
Bliss of HIS grace
Bliss of balance
Bliss of allowance
Bliss of receiving
Bliss of creating
Bliss of unlimited possibilities
Bliss of being in oneness with her BABA.
What else is possible and how can it get any better than this?


Written by Bhartte Kapoor

On 9th October 2017

Ripples and Reverberations

Mohanji close-up (5) FB

I am not your father. I am not your master.

I am not your Guru nor am I your disciple.

I am not your ego and I am not your destiny.

I am just a mirror if you chose to look within.

Do not blame me for your expectations.

Do not blame me for your deficiencies.

Do not blame me for your desires

And do not blame me for your disappointments.

I am not your emotions, I am not your reactions

I am not your selfishness nor am I your awareness.

I am not your wants nor am I your needs

I am just a mirror if you chose to look within.

Do not blame me if you couldn’t find yourself

Do not blame me if you looked elsewhere

Do not blame me if you denied your truth

And do not blame me if you denied your life.

I am your projection and my value is infinite

I am your reflection when existence becomes you

I am your possibility when duality rules you.

I am yourself,  when your only vision is you.

I am your breath and beyond when you love me.

I am your favourite thought when you hate me

I am your shadow when you become me

I am your aspiration when you desire for me.

I am everything while I am nothing.

I am the life when I walk on earth

I am the infinity, while I dissolve at night.

I am everything and I am nothing, I only remain as yourself for yourself forever.

A re-modified poem from Mohanji’s earlier days.
Mohanji was deeply  inspired by the Atma Shadgam by Adi Shankara and this poem has that inspiration visible.


Subhasree Thorrungal, Mohanji, Devi

Thank you Mohanji for showing me the value of true motherhood.

I only wished to serve you… serve you like a true servant… no expectations.

But you gave me the realisation that my service to you is not of a servant,

but affection of a mother!

You told me, it’s “motherly love” that I serve you food –
– I did not realise!

You let me massage your feet –

– I did not realise!

You asked me to take out drishti off you –
– I did not realise!

You gave me immense joy
by enjoying the food,
by playing like a little child,
running around, jumping up and down…

I didn’t have the capacity to realise your message.

I realise it now, but
I still can not realise enough how fortunate I am!

What more can I wish!

This is a feeling that makes me complete,
Beyond what my words can explain!

All I can do is
let my tears flow to tell the story,
my tears of happiness, tears of recognition.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Written in June 2017
by Subhasree Thottungal