Burnt to the ground, the land lay bare,
Covered in ashes, black and charred.

Days go by, and fresh from the earth,
Tendrils sprout, with colours of spring.

With water sprinkling from the heavens above,
The shoots grow tall and  blossoms  abound.

A sight to behold, this carpet of green,
Spreading the fragrance of the freshness within.

The butterflies waltz as the cuckoo sings,
The squirrels dart and life begins.

Arises life from a death of despair,
To a rebirth of love and hope!

Rekha Murali

Mohanji, the Formless One

Mohanji 9

I pray that You guide me
Against the storms of life
I pray that You make me like You
Through the journey of life

Help me dissolve all my expectations
Let my ego die in the quick sand of life
Nothing should be the obstacle of separation
Rise me above all the limitations of the mind

Help me to never stop writing to You
Failure will come to play a part of my life
But let the divine awareness take place
In my heart

I will rise like the setting sun
And be like the Moon hidden
Behind the dark clouds
I will find my way above the clouds
Only to whisper You name in delight

Beautiful form, oh beloved master
Oh formless one
I’m waiting for thee
Allow my rebirth into freedom

Bathe me into bliss
Strengthen my faith
So, so that devotion
Does not waver
Oh beloved master
I am in eternal delight


Written by Bavani Anop

on 9th January 2018