Love exists

Love exists in the quiet

In the silence of a river

It is there that I kneel

before this sweet quiet

Become untied by its simplicity

It has no ulterior motive

It has no condition

How lost we can become

As we venture outside into the world

Away from this luminous silence.

Written by Megan Watson a few years ago, inspired by guru tattwa, the principle called guru



 How can I not kneel?

Become like the heart

of a smooth, gentle bloodstone.

Nestled softly, willingly

at the foot of of a great oak

Listening to the silent pulse

of the deep tap root.

Megan Watson written a few years ago, inspired by guru tattwa, guru principle

For the Lord of my heart

Nevermind the tempest my Beloved.
Let the fierce wind cleanse as I push through
With all the muscle, determination and grace
That can be imbibed and mustered.
Feeling my roots firmly, deeply.
And you, You, my King
Deep, still and Oceanic
As a child I opened my eyes against the salinity
The Ocean felt like my home – I felt fearless against the tide and current
And I offer little white flowers at your feet, your finger-tips
This “I” that is yours and has ever been reaching for the sun.

 Megan Watson