एक आंचल की छांव

एक आंचल की छांव
को खोजता है हर कोई
जिंदगी के हर मुकाम पर
हर मोड़ पर, हर रह पर!
उन प्यार भरे लम्हों को
जब चूमा था माथा
हल्के हाथों से बालों को सहलाया
उन नजरो को
जिन में था अथाह प्रेम!
कभी नासिहयत और कभी चेतावनी
वो हल्की सी चपत
वो फटकार , जिसने गलती से रोका
गिरने पर,उठा गोद में बिठाना
अपने हाथों से खाना खिलाना
बीमार होने पर सिरहाने बैठे
रात गुजार देना
दही चीनी से मुंह मीठा करा
उन्नति की कामना करना
हंसने पर हंसना और
रोने पर आंखे भर लेना
रूठने पर मुनहार करना
वो आंचल की छांव
को खोजता है हर कोई
मां के आंचल की छांव
को खोजता है हर कोई!

Happy Birthday, Mohanji

To you who weather all storms

A wave-rider who revives true norms

I write a few words from the heart

Yes, we’re one, we’re never apart

You remind us what’s real, what is true

My attention is with you like a glue

Whatever endeavours life brings new

Be sure, I will always stand by you

Biljana Vozarevic,
23rd February, 2022

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Heaven and Hell

Oh heaven
His words
Doubts and hopes
Heart and Soul
Like eagle wings
Breaking down walls
Pulling up curtains 
Tempting to enter
My so well hidden 
Beaten and broken
Longing and overflowing 
Tender and powerful heart 

Oh image
Of pureness
And innocence
Are you real?
Is there realness left
After all the madness?
Maya plays and places
Her spells on me
Veils and clouds
Fog and fury
Fire and ice
While my Waters
So deeply long 
To flow freely
Gently down 
The Divine stream
Knowingly surrendering
Being that ocean 

Oh hell
When will
My enlightened arrow
Perpetrate your
Deepest darkness
And hit the heart
That Is Home
The Golden Gates
Open to receive
Centers aligned
Convinced in surrender
Pureness established 
Transparently authentic
Organicly natural
As all Oneness Is? 

Does such exist
In a world of deception
Or am I just 
A misplaced Being
In full remembrance
Of what’s originally 
Core and Essence
But not in this plane?
Was my ego that big
For me to believe
That I could bare 
The stone cold violence
Endure the cruelty
Watch separation
And restore it all? 
Who Am I 
To have the guts 
To show up here
Incognito and silent
While libraries filled
With Divine prompting
Are so needed to be heard?
Who will
Have eyes to see
Ears to hear
The heart to understand 
To stay rooted
Firmly committed 
Right by my side
Will He arrive 
Now that I stopped trembling? 

Am I 
In search
For the right One
The right reasons?
Looks and characteristics
Qualities and entities
Signs of Illumination 
Proof of awareness
Effects of interconnectedness
Visions of common goals
And Sacred missions
How Sacred is my search
While analyzing 
Facts and feelings
Existing Vibrations
Why not let them Be? 

Oh consciousness 
That knows it all
Intentions and prayers
So pure and harmless
Filled with joy and devotion
Love and gratitude 
Do they speak of lack?
A heart brave enough
To stay on track
Passing and clearing debris 
Holding on to 
What is permanent 
Turned out to be immutable 
Yet longs for change 
In acceptance of what 
Was, is and will Be
How is 
A multidimensional being 
Able to be aware 
In the moment 
When millions of woven threads 
Are set in motion?
A mind hopeful 
Yet scared off by
Ingraved memories
A soul weary and worn
The blank contract signed
At Your Divine Service
Life teases and tosses
I puzzle and study
Learning while teaching
Speaking silence in the dark
Like candlelight at sunrise
How many shades of Light
Does life know?

By Jolanda Klaassen
October 2021


Burnt to the ground, the land lay bare,
Covered in ashes, black and charred.

Days go by, and fresh from the earth,
Tendrils sprout, with colours of spring.

With water sprinkling from the heavens above,
The shoots grow tall and  blossoms  abound.

A sight to behold, this carpet of green,
Spreading the fragrance of the freshness within.

The butterflies waltz as the cuckoo sings,
The squirrels dart and life begins.

Arises life from a death of despair,
To a rebirth of love and hope!

Rekha Murali

I Am with You Everywhere


Shiva Mohana..Datta Narayana..Adi Parabrahma
Mohanji Guruve..
Premavatara,.. Moksha pradayaka… Jaya jaya jaya… Mohanji Guruve… Siddhi dayaka.Kashta vinashaka..karunamurthi Mohanji Guruve..jaya jaya jaya Mohanji Guruve..
Sai Datta, Shakti daata,
Sarva Mangala Shanti swaroopa
Charanan Saranam Mohanji Baba,
Saranam Saranam… Mohanji Guruve…

When I was on a seaside, looking younder… wondering and Alone..
Mohanji from inside gave me these words:

I Am here
I Am there
I Am with You
Turn. Right or Left
Look Up or Down. Go deep
Inside… I reside there. I Am with you
Do not doubt
Keep your Faith strong
I Am with You Everywhere.

Inspired by Gurudev Mohanji
With humble salutations…
Gayatri Jayashankar


This is a poem inspired by Mohanji. He suggests that in times of challenge we should all meditate on  gratitude for what we have. This will help us stay positive.
Gratitude lies within every breath
connecting me to this Earth and to experience
as a gift from my lineage.

Gratitude to the space between breaths
however brief the moment
I expand through universes and beyond
connecting to my Guru.

Gratitude to no breath at all
here even subtle seems gross
I really acknowledge the ordeal of Masters
who  incarnate
as an echo of that Silence.
You will find no greater Love

Written by Ulla Bernholdt

For this, I am grateful


Seeing the fresh morning dew

Smelling the rain and the roses too

Hearing the cuckoos and the squirrels

Sensing the tingling raindrops

For this, I am grateful!


The agonies and pains of the body

The aches and murmur of the heart

The ebb and flow of thoughts

The reactions and responses of the intellect

For this, I am grateful!


Of the dualities in life

Of laughter and sorrows that flow

Of anger and kindness that wafts in

Of lessons in love and bitterness

For this, I am grateful!


Alone on a wondrous journey

Engrossed in the music and dance of life

With blessings and guidance from the Master

Flowing through this chosen path

For this, I am grateful!


By Rekha Murali


A Bubble in the Cosmic Ocean

Here is a poem explaining that human life is like a bubble in the cosmic ocean. Many bubbles are formed shine and vanish. If we have blessings and guidance of Guru there is shift in awareness from outer world to inner self . Once  you realise self and become one with universal consciousness you are in bliss and become immortal.


In Hindi:

क्षणभंगुर से शाश्वत

बन बुद्ध हे मानव
शरीर छुटे, मन छुटे
ह्रदय भी
पर बुद्ध थे, और हैं
आज भी
बाह्य की सोच में
चित्रकार, मूर्तिकार
दार्शनिक और वैज्ञानिक
तू हो ज्ञानी , सोच
अंतर्मन की ओर
खुद को जाना ना जिसने
क्या जानेगा वो संसार को?
जाग, उठ स्वयं को जीत
खुद को निहार, खोज उसे
जो, तुझ में है बसता।
परिचय होते ही, सब शुन्य
दृष्टा बन रह जायोगे।
आत्म पहचान, आनन्द तरंग में
कर श्रवण , जीवन संगीत
एक हो चेतना समस्त
आनंद मे प्रफुल्लित
क्षणभंगुर से हो तुम
शाश्वत, हो जायोगे
शाश्वत, शाश्वत।

Written by Nirupma Chaudhary

on 5th April 2020

Birthday Offering

Birthday offering at the lotus feet of Mohanji – a poem from Sudha Thakur, UK:

Mere Mann Ka Mann Mohan
Sthit Mann Mein Mann Mohan
Chitta Mohan Tan  Mohan
Karta Mohan Karak Mohan
Bhav Sagar Se Tarak Mohan
Sthit Mann Mein Mann Mohan
Mere Mann Ka Mann Mohan

English translation :

My Heart’s joy is Mohan
Resides in my heart, the joy Mohan
Consciousness is Mohan, Body is Mohan
Doer is Mohan, Done is Mohan
From the Ocean of life, the Liberator is Mohan
Resides in my heart, the joy Mohan
My heart’s joy, is Mohan

A very Happy Birthday to my dear Mohanji


23rd February 2020

Experiencing Mohanji


Mohanji is a magnificent golden living waterfalls;
Falling from the heights of heaven.
Golden waters of grace, shining with colors of love and liberation.
Pouring down with power that enthralls.
Beating down with beauty that permeates the breeze.
People leaving behind their masks and baggage,
Ready to jump into the higher consciousness,
Waiting to trek towards liberation
Come to bathe in Sadguru Mohanji’s divine presence.
The gold waters! – They work magic!
Washing away stubborn egos,
Silencing the chattering mind,
Healing the brokenness within
Filling the emptiness with love,
Melting away past burdens,
Unfolding the path to liberation!
Smiles light up faces, sparkles in eyes.
A lotus blooms deep within.
Transformation!– slow and steady.
Greater awareness; greater compassion;
A promise of a freer tomorrow.
Bathing becomes an embrace,
Embrace becomes a cleansing.
Cleansing leads to lightness.
Lightness leads to the light.
Thank you Mohanji. Pranams.


Written by Mala
in February 2020