Tan main Mohan maan main Mohan

Tan main Mohan maan main Mohan..
remte jao mohan Mohan..
Mohan jaisa ban ke moh lo maan sara,
Mohan jaisa Baan ke moh lo maan sara…
moh ke maan ko hi banayange hum MOHAN jaisa jag sara.

Written in December, 2014 by Puja Aggarwal


The river ran dry

The river ran dry
Dense fog covered sky
No tears were left so
Eyes pulled blood from the heart

All turned to dust
Solid faith was a must
But fear reigned supreme on the throne of uncertainty

The pain was acute
All efforts were moot
The ultimate price had been paid

All hope had been lost
Such is the cost
Of even a shadow of doubt

In the darkest of hours
A slight drizzle became showers
The wind whispered sweetly
I am always with you

Faith took a hold
It turned out the cold
Angels on wheels sowed the seeds
Of hope once again

The fog has now cleared
Nothing left to be feared

The river, once dry
Now filled with infinite love from the sky

Written by Keshnie Shannon Pillai

I am your child

Where ever I go What ever I do
I see my Father watching me over
He watches me with His ever Loving Gaze
He shields me with His ever Protective Gaze
He is with me always….. Never does He leave me alone…..
Where ever I be… However I am….
I am Your child who needs Your love always….
Father at Your Lotus Feet I bow down always…
Jai Ho Sai…Mere Baba

Written on 25th November by Neha Parekh

Just BE

This world gave the relatives and I thought they are mine,
This world gave the money and I thought it is mine,
The world gave the success and I thought that is mine,
The world gave the ego and I thought that it is mine,
The SUPREME gave me endless LOVE that I never recognized,
This I and mine was making me blind.

From morning till evening working like a slave,
Looking for new goals when one in hand was achieved,
Still Running around and searching for the solace and peace ,
Then Miracle happened and MOHANJI came into my life,
He halted me and said stop running there is nothing to achieve,
LOVE is only within U Close your eyes and just BE just BE .

I don’t have wings but I soar higher and higher,
I don’t have fins but I swim deeper and deeper,
I don’t have ropes but can climb the mountain top,
Now I am not an achiever but a seeker all empty inside,
ONLY coz My Guruji said to me close your eyes and just BE just BE.

With gratitude and Love…..Your humble devotee …….namrata

Written on 29th April, 2014 by Namrata Prabhakar


I was born in the ocean of Light
when your thumb touched my skin

You gave me wings
reaching the Angelic realms

A trace of bliss illuminating
your magnificent Splendour is colouring my life.

I am coming down on Earth as a newborn being.
Observing creation,
lovingly watching my brothers and sisters
who went with me in the waters of Kailash.

Together merging in Shiva’s consciousness
We are NewBorn
and we see
each other as a Love expression of Thee

Written by Astrid Van Someren

What is God

(Based on the Mohan’s blog ENLIGHTENMENT AND DISSOLUTION, question 1)

Who can grasp the vastness
of the concept of God
he cannot use logic
words are limiting mod

Good and evil are in God
but God is not the Good or the Evil

Angels and Devils are in God
but God is not Angels or Devils

Representations are derived from God
but God is not his representations

Creatures are manifestations of God
but God is not its manifested creatures

All the forms, fragrances, tastes,
all the treasures and all the wastes

all these things that we can sense
are just God’s manifestations intense

No one colour is the God
though God dwells in all the colours

No emotion is the God
though God dwells in all the emotions

No finity is the God
though God dwells in all the finity

He Himself is the infinity
He Himself is in relativity

He may be freely called ‘it’
cause he’s the utmost infinite

Yet He’s not only a thing
He’s the infinite that is living

He’s the infinite omnipresence
He’s boundless superintelligence

Creator at the subtlest level
He’s beyond space and travel

Though He can trigger simple rhyme
He’s beyond expressions in time

All that is and all that is not
all that can be or that cannot

All that we humans call reality
all this existence in duality

Constant, abundant awareness
no word expression can express

Beyond all that is manifested
God always remains liberated

Written in 2011 by Biljana Vozarevic

Coping with stress

This poem was inspired by these Mohanji’s words:‎

“Out of stress, may people get frustrated and develop addictions. Many fall into love but cannot maintain the relationship. Many become irritable and spoil relations around. Many develop diseases. For a change, can people not simply watch their thoughts, witness their thoughts. Samadhi will happen soon”..

Stress is an acid test
whether you’ll react or respond
you can be captured by pain
or watch it, then move beyond

In these moments of crisis
when pain is intolerable
one can become torturer
or withstand, being humble

If one can withstand one’s pain
only watch it happening
without making others
feel the same suffering

Then peace falls into your soul
your heart being grateful bowl
it is all watched from above
with unconditional love

Written in 2011 by Biljana Vozarevic