Eternal Gratitude


Love and Gratitude at your feet;
Your presence has made our lives a treat.
You love each one of us so unconditionally  
Our only  prayers is to be under your wings continuously.

Mohanji your blessings are much more than a shield;
Your grace has made us grow in every field.
You have taught us love, compassion and humility;
Our only  endeavour is to serve one and all with all agility.

Mohanji  you are our Father, Mother, Guru and Friend;
Be by our side till the worlds end.
Purity in thoughts words and action is your teaching;
Empowerment and bliss is where we are reaching.

Ahimsa, Tatwa am Asi we are trying to grasp;
Separate us never from your clasp.
Foolishness, Ignorance and Selfishness is from where we  embarked;
Empathy, Selflessness and towards the Parabrahma we will all be finally parked.

by Nikita Naredi

February 2022

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