Divine Answers by a Master


Oh beloved Mohanji
Your voice echos through
The universe sending
Out vibrations of
Your love

Like a bee to the honeycomb
Once you taste the Guru’s love
You will know for sure
Where eternity lies

All seekers, devotees
Oh, come and enjoy
The fruit of Mohanji’s
There is a saying that goes
Leaders that brought
Peace in the world
Left us their blueprint

Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mandela
Mother Theresa, left
A legacy behind their
Virtuous deeds for humanity
Bringing about peace across the nation

Our beloved Mohanji
Has all the virtues that
These great leaders had
And even more, a love that’s unconditional
But the rarest gift that our beloved Mohanji can bestow upon us is
Freedom from the mind that binds us
And reuniting us to our spiritual abode

Mohanji is the temple
Of the living God
Dressed in the cloth of man
God in disguise
Oh beloved Mohanji
Has come to take us to our true place

All devotees take heed to the Guru’s
Words and you will attain liberation
From the cycle of birth, death and suffering
The ones that taste the nectar of Your love
Will find peace that we all long for

We have this human birth
Top of creation
Here is our chance
To know our higher purpose
Mohanji is the answer to
Our doubts that arise
In our mind
Come, let’s hold the lamp in our
Hands and burn the flame of love

Thank you for
Your love

Written by Bavani Anop
on 29th November 2017


My Burning Desire for Mohanji

devotion, Mohanji, yearning for God, sunset-girl-

I am waiting my Lord one day
To stand by Your side
And to hold the hand of my Father
And never let go

My Lord Mohanji I await patiently
For this dream to become my reality
And that my higher purpose in this lifetime is fulfilled
I am weeping like a baby
For the Father to hold me
Whisper into my ears

And say, “My child everything is
Okay I know for sure”
Your love for all of us
Is permanent and everlasting

For You have many devotees to take care of
Oh, papa Mohanji, the forgotten child
Has been remembered by You
For you have prepared me a place in Your heart

I feel my pain turned into joy
My life into acceptance
My grief into freedom
Mohanji can only make it possible
A love that surpasses all human understanding

My heart aches, my longing
Grows intense day by day as I look at Your
Face everything disappears
Just Your smile, Your eyes

Your face, like the Moon shines bright
My soul is ablaze with light
The burning desire
Remains in my heart ever so

Burning day and night in Your grace
I remember my Mohanji
For a person like myself, my imperfections
My mistakes, my failures
You took me in Your refuge

My commitment to You
Has left a spot in my heart forever
Only Guru Mohanji will accompany you
Beyond the physical realms

Only You my Guru Mohanji
Exist, nothing is comparable to this world
Accept the grandeur of Your beauty
I stand in the altar of God’s love
I await my Guru’s hand

One day to break the chains
Of the mind that holds us captive to this world
To reunite the drop to become the ocean
My heart beats to the rhythm of Your love
Every beat is the the sounding echo of Your love

I want nothing in life
For I was offered God’s love
A love like no other, I am lost in Your grace
I am the spark
And You have become
The eternal flame

I will never forget You
Guru Mohanji

Written by Bavani Anop

on 28th November 2017

Surrendering My Heart

Longing-for-God surrender, yearn

Mohanji, here I am longing to be with you
My soul crying for you
My soul crying for you
I am drenched with your love
I am drenched with your love

Reach for me now
Reach for me now
Master, as you pull me near
I am lost in Your grace
I am lost in Your grace

I surrender
I surrender

Know that I long for this
Show me Your light
Show me Your light

I hunger and cry
I hunger and cry
Lord hear my heart

I surrender
I surrender

My arms open wide
I know You hear my cry
Speak to me now
Speak to me now

Lord, my mind is caught
In the storm of life
Release me now
Release me now

I surrender
I surrender

Written by Bavani Anop

on 23rd November 2017

The Papa I Dreamt to Have in this Lifetime


Today my thoughts became your reflection
The day was scorching hot
And I felt the gentle breeze
Come through my window pane

Mohanji, I thought of you, I cried
For a moment everything stood still
And You became the waves of love
Gratitude, more Gratitude
Came pouring out of my heart
Mohanji, You are the food for my thoughts

Your love is eternal, everlasting
You embrace the whole humanity with compassion
Your love is pure and Your heart is our home
Like the stars that light up the galaxies
You are the sunrise in the morning
The dusk in the evening

Every daughter’s wish has come true
In meeting a perfect master and father like You

It’s like a mother carrying the unborn child in her womb
Tossing and turning waiting to be born, to be welcomed into this world
The first glimpse of the baby to mother
Is an expression of pure love
That only a mother can resonate with her child

You are the master just like the Mother that gave us birth to self-realisation
Wrapped in your warm blanket of love
You expressed all your love to your children
Only to help us unveil the darkness
To remove all obstacles and barriers
That stand between Father and child
The soul’s true connection with supreme father

You have welcomed us into Your loving company
The soul is like the baby that the Master cradles
In His arms
Tapping the soul gently to come to the
Reality of his true existence

Only perfect masters like You
Can take us back to our real home
Where we truly belong

Mohanji, papa, You are everything
I dreamt to be one day
Thank You for Your smile
Thank You for Your voice
Thank You for Your presence and company
Thank You papa
From soul, to a master
Forever and forever

Written by Bavani Anop

on 21st November 2017

Truth Is the Way Back Home

Truth is the only way gods presence seeking, devotional poem to Mohanji

Mohanji, you are God incarnate
Your truth transforms my heart
Sometimes expectations arise
Then sadness comes, disappointment comes
The war goes on in my mind
Creating separation from the Lord
But I still come back to You when I listen to Your voice

I fail sometimes, making silly mistakes, but
Again and again, like a baby I crawl only
to find my steps back to Mohanji’s heart
Only to grasp Your hand in my thoughts and be guided through my life’s journey
And I know my truest purpose in life
Is unconditional love and total surrender

That’s is my desire Mohanji
I sometimes feel the stillness
This peace I cannot describe
I can almost taste it, feel it
But gratitude arises within myself
When I turn my suffering into the stillness
Of connecting to Mohanji consciousness

Total bliss arrives at the doorstep of my heart
Mohanji, You are truth personified
Your love emphatically describes
The world beyond the mind’s illusion
You are my life support

I try and live by Your teachings
To the best I can
With faith in my heart courage in my soul
I will meet You one day

Thanks for sharing with me Your beautiful

Written by Bavani Anop

on 19th November 2017

My Only Wish


Oh my beloved Mohanji
Grant me the grace
To see You one day
Distance may separate us
Oceans and continents may divide us
But incomparable is Your love for us

Mohanji, You are truth personified
Your teaching has saturated my mind
My every thought is the remembrance of my beloved
I hear the silence calling me
To my true nature

Mohanji, You are the reason
For the nature of my existence
You are my hope in my darkest time
You are the light to my eternal self
My every breath utters your name

My Guru, you are selfless
Forgiving and compassionate
You are the living embodiment of love
My love story will never end
Until my soul becomes one
With ocean of love


With all love

Written  by Bavani Anop

on 3rd November 2017


My Soul is the Author of my Life’s Expression


Oh my Guru, my soul writes again
Restless in pursuit of Your love
I thirst for your blessing
My lips becoming parched and dried
Only to be nurtured and watered by Your love

My heart is open for God realisation
My soul rejoices when listening to your messages
Your teaching is becoming my education
Your fragrance of love perfumes the whole world
And it’s motivating every soul for liberation

You are our spiritual mentor in this troubled thorny world
Full of pain and disease
You come to save us from the cycle of birth and death

Your light dispels all darkness
Your truth is filling our every cell
Out of our human experience comes Your divine experience
Blessed are the ones to come in Your presence again and again
For all our anxiety, fear, grief, disappears into nothingness
Just opening up to Your love becomes our channel to freedom
Graduation becomes the first step to self-realisation

My only prayer to You, my Guru is, to be liberated from this transmigration
From the mind that holds me captive
To emotional pain and cripples of the very existence
Mohanji, Your heart is our refuge
There we all seek Your divine shelter

Where we all feel safe, loved and protected
You are our anchor when our ship sinks
So my only daily prayer is to you my beloved master
Help keep me steadfast on this path of love and devotion

Let the waves of devotion grow
And let surrender takes its place
And let us all be a testimony to Your compassion
Grace and unwavering love

Let our love for you germinate and sprout
So that your teaching leaves an imprint and blossoms into
The hearts of many who come in contact with you
Leaving a legacy
Of Your love

Your are my best friend

Written by Bavani Anop

on 3rd November 2017

The Priceless Mohanji’s Teachings


Mohanji, Your truth is God personified
In the dormant state of my mind
Your teachings have come alive
Only to practise and practise
The purity of awareness

Thus making my mind into a journal
Of selfless love, surrender and discovering my true self within
Tapping in this unlimited consciousness
Of your unconditional love

You love is making me stronger, less troubled
As a human being failing will come my way
That I am aware of

The constant battle with the mind
And the sadness from the situation of the world
Brought my mind out of this ignorant state
And your daily satsangs have watered my understanding
Bliss, wisdom, knowledge awakens
Only to find our true home

The chamber of my heart opens
Mohanji to realisation of You
That I long so much and desire for
Help me Mohanji to rekindle this flame
Of love and separation that the soul
Hungers for

Keeps me above the water
And keep me in Your blessing forever
That my tears can be used for
For the divine purpose of transformation

Your teaching is like the lotus flower
That never sinks in the water
Everything about You my beloved master resembles
God in His magnificent glory

Your heart is pure and clear, my beloved Master
You have come to save us from this dross of the world
Your teachings are precious
It’s a tool that we can apply in our life’s
Acceptance is the key that comes with transformation

My message to Mohanji
Christ Buddha Shiva Mother Teresa
All masters of the world
I light a lamp in my heart
Of eternal gratitude
To serve as You have served
And make Your teachings
A living example of my life
Thank you, thank you

Written by Bavani Anop

on 6th November 2017

Love Transforms

Love transforms poem inspired by Mohanji

Mohanji, Your love transforms all ignorance
Your message imparts understanding and
wisdom in its purest form
Clarity of the mind becomes clearer, more tranquil
Every spoken word enters the core of your heart
Thereby the soul is caught in the trance of love

Your love is universal
You love is the medicine for our weary soul
You are a perfect saint that emulates unconditional love
We sing bhajans in Your name
We praise and worship Your lotus feet
Oh master I am speechless

Nothing can depict Your majestic grace
Mohanji, You have travelled all realms
You have gone beyond the mind’s illusion
Brought us into perfect truth, poured out Your love
We bathed in your blissful company and enjoyed the nectar of heaven
And we enjoyed every moment of Your blessing

Words cannot describe the divine explanation
Of your greatness, humility and compassion
The soul’s journey starts with experiencing
And taking in all that Mohanji gives
And the final destination ends with love

The inner true wealth
Bestowed upon us is priceless
Beyond human comprehension

Your holy teachings is
Nutrition for the soul
Nurturing for the soul
Therefore maturity takes place
Blooms in the water of Your love

My every day is Your reflection
Your teaching becomes the
Software in my mind
Stored forever unshakable
By the trials and tribulations of life
I continue the love story of the soul and the lord

Oh Guru, all almighty Lord
I bow down to You, oh majesty of grace
King among kings
Your grace is ablaze in our hearts
Thank you for all you give to us

Written by Bhavani Anop

on 7th November 2017

Mohanji, the Peacemaker


Mohanji, my heart beats to every word you speak
Every word that you utter is so deep and calming
To the turbulent mind comes peace and harmony
When we are in touch with the melody of Your love

Divine intervention has taken place in my soul
I know I have dharma to perform worldly activities
But my true calling is liberation
For this is my quest to you

You are pure merciful and giving
Your love is empowering and magnetic
The soul is crying for its original abode
You have come to teach us
How to harmonise with out true nature

I surrender my heart to Your lotus feet
To be an example to all that I come across
To give without asking
To smile without anger
To be as gentle as the running stream

You are heaven on earth
Your teaching has become an imprint in my mind
Your love gives us faith
You teach us how to unveil this illusion
And reach our ultimate destination
What more can we ask for
Accept me to please You
In every way


Thank you for everything

Written By Bavani Anop

on 9th November 2017