Guru’s Gifts

Shirdi Sai Baba and Mohanji - Guru's gifts - poem by Biljana Vozarevic

You did not come to us for Yourself, but for ourselves

So that You re-establish the pattern of every goodness

Lighting up the mind, heart and life of a ripened soul

Therefore we must not make concessions to the foul

You are filling us up with hidden power of Your essence

That power becomes our inalienable heritage in a sense

We become closer and co-live with You as the Holy Spirit

How much You grant our soul is beyond our mind’s limit

How many gifts which You shower upon me can I take?

As many gifts, as much emptiness in myself I can make

I am nullifying myself, accepting events with humility

In order that I can increase receptivity and eligibility

On this no-nonsense path, the path of pathlessness

You lead me accurately to higher levels of awareness

Unfaltering faith has been tested many times so far

How strong my connection is to You as my lodestar

I concentrate on You in my heart, dedicate life to bliss

I know that I am complete, there is nothing that I miss

I follow You like a shadow feeling some inner shifts

As only when I do not exist can I take Your true gifts


Written by Biljana Vozarevic
on 22nd August 2018


I am Indebted to You

Mohanji and Biljana Vozarevic, retreat in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the spring of Bosnia river


We all sometimes lose someone precious, something dear

And stay alone, lonely, in helplessness, hopelessness, fear

Dark states of mind, dark emotions like a curtain prevail

Searching for sunshine started to release me from travail

You appeared in my distant horizon when I most needed it

Rays of sunlight dispersed darkness from my mind’s blanket

Your unconditional sunshine penetrated deeply in my heart

Awakening inner brightness, that was my awakening’s start

Your picture tells me stories which I have never heard before

The more I watch it, the keener I am to watch it even more

The stories of truth, unconditional love which remove doubts

Leaving me wonder-fuelled and shining, without any clouds

While I walk consciously watching the tip of my feet

I faithfully see the end of my soul’s journey complete

I see nothing else, just this final release in Your rays

That only is what my soul every day and night prays

I walk in Your consciousness, grateful just to be alive

Your existence on earth is why bliss and hope survive

I don’t feel separation from myself in Your lap divine

I can’t hear your words, I soak in Your rays of sunshine

You are the world I look all the time, You are with me

This is my reality and I am grateful for the art how to be

You gave me purpose to live for, awoke the love dormant

You showed me how to live and be in the present moment

My only wish is that You remain my constant bright sunlight

You came to me by grace, I know You are not my birthright

I am infinitely indebted to Your celestial love gifts of purity

Would You please remain my golden sunshine in eternity


Written by Biljana Vozarevic
on 21st August 2018