New Year with Guru (Hindi)


Pramod Nair 1 New Year with Guru

Pramod Nair 2 New Year with Guru


Naya saal Guru ke saath
Guru ke charan kamal smaran kar
Shuru karo naya saal
Tan man samarpit kar
Gyan ka jyot jalaakar
Dharm ka paalan kar
Sukh dukh mein to Guru saath hai
Toh phir kya darna
Hansi kushi chalna seek
Kal ki phikar me kho na jaana
Apna karam kiye ja
Kal ka kya pata
Vinamrata se Guru ko yaad kar
Naya saal shuru kar
Pramod Nair


Contemplate on the lotus feet of the Guru
And begin your New Year
Surrender your mind and body
lit the light of knowledge
And be the bearer of righteousness
The eternal Guru is with you all the time
So why fear
Learn to walk with smile and happiness
Do not worry about tomorrow
Do your duty
Tomorrow never knows
Remember your Guru with humility
And begin the New Year

Written by Pramod Nair from UK

On 14th January, 2018

A Disciple’s Prayer

In the stillness of my heart

I silently call out to you

I am drawn by this love

As the Master knows


I pray you will guide me

Where ever I go

And that you will watch over me

My beloved Mohanji

My prayer is never to let you go


Lead me to your heart

That is what I want

I pray I find your light

Out of this darkness


So my prayer to you

Is to guide me

With your Grace

Take me to the place

Where only bliss resides


Take me to home

Where I truly belong

My prayer echoes every disciple’s

Keep me in your heart forever

Mohanji in My Words

His unconditional love

Permeates every living being

To be in the presence of a master takes countless of lifetimes

We are truly fortunate and blessed

To come in contact with a master

Who teaches us our way back home

Once we get into the waves of devotion

And swim against the currents of love

The seed will burst open

Bearing the fruits of love

Thus blossoming into maturity

Then experience becomes the taste, bliss becomes love

And total surrender takes place at Mohanji lotus feet

That’s the essence of the Guru’s teachings

The richest wealth a master

Can bestow upon us


No pen or paper can describe the Guru’s Compassion its beyond the human intellect

Mohanji cultivates the love in our hearts his humility and meekness

Can never be compared to this earthly realm

Guru sows the seed of love and yearning in our hearts

His divine presence shines forth in this world creating a rainbow of endless colours

His loving kindness is impeccable

His grace is endless

Who ever comes in contact with Mohanji will find their way to liberation

A master that cultivates love in our hearts

Setting us free from misery and suffering

Written by Bavani Anop
on 20th December 2017