Hiding in the brushes of the mind, full of itself
Slimy and lying ego says, “I’m fine and need him not.”
But lo, the divine sun shines and hollow ego’s exposed.
Who’ll not need the Shiny One, the Satguru to
Light the way out of this labyrinthine world, where
Deceptions, distractions, and pleasures chain the soul to an iron-like rock?
Oh, Divine Tour Guide–who’ll not need you who has
Expert knowledge of the multi-dimensional park of life?

As the infirm birdling needs its mother, so you’re needed Guruji,
As the ailing and frail long for a doctor, so we seek Divine Doctor Mohan,
As the traveller must ask the way to find the way, so the Divine Wayshower
Becomes indispensable for the journey into the unknown.
You know the straight but narrow path, and its dangers too you know
So how could you not be the Lamp-bearer O Mohanji, as weary souls 
Wrapped in the darkness of Maya stumble and fall looking for the way?
Mind and ego whisper that the student can study without a teacher, but
What a rabbit hole journey, what fake credentials in things other-worldly! 
We need you and need you till you certify without a shadow of a doubt, that
The straight but narrow path to the crown of life has been mastered.
How could it be otherwise when we know not left nor right?

by Charles Ndifon Londi
September 2021


As there’s a beginning, duration, and end for all things and events
So the Celestial Sun rose and set before people caught their breaths.
Promptly It appeared and vanished as briskly as it came, with
Screams of joy, pleasure, and remorse from fortunate witnesses, but
Its glory and halo was maintained by a sweet voice emitted by
A smaller sun that floated and danced before the eyes of onlookers.
What a beauty to see and hear the smaller sun mimicking the Great One!

Oh, the Great Dazzling Sun!
To some, it seemed a normal sun mesmerized their view,
To others–the three-eyed gazers, it was millions of suns compounded, the
Light of which was blinding and burning but without heat.
What a mystic sun, scorching without smoke, congenial and awesome!
It spoke, the Great Sun spoke of love and compassion, Ahimsa and courage,
It spoke of mindfulness, cleanliness, a supreme sense of purpose in life,
Of Dharmic responsibility, it spoke of the futility of ownership and identification.

From the great center of light within itself, the Mystic Sun’s outpourings
Wowed the onlookers and gazers speechless but empowered, then disappeared.
What’ll ensue in the interval before the Great Sun appears again?
Will there be a return of ugly patterns in despondency and self-inflicted pain?
Whispers talk of a two-month eclipse before the Mystic Sun rises again to
Revivify, assure, encourage, and lead those striving for light out of
This valley of the shadow of death.
Tell us, O Suba, tell us, O Mohanji, about
The return of the Great Light and the Smaller Light.

by Charles N. Londi
September 2021


परमात्मन्, तू ही है
मेरा अस्तित्व
जीवन, प्राण भी तू
मेरा आधार भी तू
मंत्र, जप, पूजा जानूँ ना
आराध्य को मनाऊँ
कैसे जानूँ ना…

थाल आरती का सजा
हूँ तेरे समक्ष, हे भगवन
पांच तत्व का मानव तन
तुम्हें समर्पित
बस हो एक तुमसे जाऊँ
परम् चेतन स्वरूप प्रभु।

पाँच बाती जले ज्योत में, लिए
पाँच तत्व, पाँच प्राण, पाँच कोष
अग्नि तत्व संजोए ,
जीवन संभरण करे।

जल थाल में लिए हूँ
जो हर जीवन संचार आधार
जोड़ रहा है परस्पर हमें
सदा सदा से हरदम।

मानव संरचना को
बनाये रखे है, वायु तत्व
मोर पंख दिखा तुम्हें
शुक्र मनाऊँ।

फूल समर्पित
सरस सुगंधित
आधार सहनशीलता लिए
पृथ्वी तत्व दर्शाए।

अंततः चवर झुलाऊँ
अकाश तत्व तुम्हें
ही, करूँ अर्पित।

सभी तत्व संजो
करूँ आरती परमात्मन्
हो समर्पित मैं तन मन
हो समर्पित मैं तन मन।

Nirupma Chowdhary
Mohanji Acharya

Note from Poet: Aarthi is a poem inspired by Mohanji. In blog ” Encounter With Ageless Saints Of Himalayas” part three Mohanji has written how aarthi is done and what does each thing signify. To offer our gratitude to Lord we offer them. And we it is done with clarity and awareness we can be one with the Lord by surrending self. This inspired me to pen down this poem.


Silent One, Oh Mohan Ji, Child of the Fathomless
Nurtured in the womb of silence and chosen to return
For the benefit of mankind to guide, instruct and uplift.
Say Oh Bright Angel of the True Home how to enter the bliss
Of silence that envelopes your being moment to moment.
You chat, you laugh, you have fun but you’re silent. And yes, 
You bellow in righteous indignation but a strange silence lingers.
Can we sit by you, eat with you, touch your robes, kiss your hand,
Prostrate at your lotus feet and go into the bliss of silence?

Oh, the state beyond all sorrow, beyond phenomena and duality,
How to reach the inner sanctum and possess the holy grail
When the sword of distraction dangles overhead and the sweet whispers
Of ease, comfort, and sloth are so seducing? 
There’s no true communion  with the divine safe in the sacred place of
The inner sanctuary where you dwell in magnificence and splendor. Oh
Mohan Ji, give the secret of communion with the vastness of the great beyond,
With the wordless language of silence in the inner sanctum.

by Charles Ndifon Londi

September 2021


A  drop from the ocean of Total Consciousness I AM,
And though oblivious of the potency of my state, I  wonder
At the beauty and ingenuity of Mohan Ji Divine Maths
Where One plus One becomes One instead of two.
The unstoppable flow of wisdom from your lips, and
Its contagious nature makes the birds stop in mid-flight
Plants sway and nod in appreciation, violent winds cease momentarily
And the rivers and oceans cease flowing to meditate its import.
How I long to catch the fever of your impeccable wisdom, and 
Drown in photons of dazzling bright light that your presence brings!

Oh, the scattered and dispersed unit that I am, longing for wholeness,
Say Guruji if unity with All Consciousness is possible without walking
With you, hand in hand, all the way to the summit of Pure Awareness!
Captain of the ship of  Supreme Consciousness will there come a time
To look down from the highest mountain, touch the stars heretofore elusive
And say at last we dance with the Stars of the Pure world of Blissful Awareness
Whose love is deeper than the deepest ocean, where peace and stillness are all that is needed?
Will there come a time, oh will there be a time when it won’t be a dream, but
A certainty that completeness has been attained, and that we dance together
On fluffy clouds of pure consciousness in worlds of the purest white light?
Will there be a time, oh will there be a time Guruji Mohan?

by Charles Ndifon Londi