The wanderer of 41 days

Travelling to the path of unknown; Am I the Mind or the soul of this very Known; Luxury , comfort, cuddles and craving all of a sudden becomes chaos; You gotta be Partying with your friends and booze ; Which any of those things never ever been fascinates so ;

Beyond those pleasure and pain, there relays something; Was the unquenchable question that always haunts me most; Isn’t it my fakhir found and fund this play as a pretender though; Books after Books search of this spirtual seeker is at stake so ; Its Try Try Try Try Try  And a Cry Cry Cry Cry Whereas at times, it is a Hide Hide Hide Hide and a Run Run Run Run;

Why can’t I be like my other friends or else Is she screwless; As the wind blows and so the Tear Rolls; Scared Kafni of unknown Saint Snugs Astound; Huge blow at the hit of the Ego Echoes Around; I Never knew the Numbness of this Seekers Pain Felt so damn Good;

Darkest Tunnel of all time lost her Light ray of hope; Was Ready to Wear the Mask to took part in the so called Survival Show; This is where the plot took that twist of Faithfulness was your thing; My Beard Man of Familiar touch Came from god’s own Country;

Striking Lightning with the Massive Thundering Bolts; Isn’t it the sharpness of his eyes sets me in Fire ; or else the Silence of the breath That mutes the being of Mind; Words can’t be Full while She whines wholly as You; What else Father?; I’m the lost child of yours who seeks to Take Refugee at your Wrist!!!….

Penned with Love

Dated Forever

Pranams at your feet. Jai Mohanji!!!!!!!!

Sowmia Kolanjinathan


मानव जन्म अनमोल है
जाना , पढ़ा और सुना
मानव देह में एक मन भी तो है
अपनी ही धुन में,
अपना राग बजा रहा
भटकता मन, दौड़ता मन
उलझा हुआ, कुछ सहमा सहमा
जीवन की डगर पर चला जा रहा
जाने सफर पर है बढ़ता जा रहा
मंजिल की ठौर नहीं, सांसे हैं कितनी , इसकी खबर नहीं….

फिर कहीं से छन कर आया प्रकाश, ले गुरु का रूप
तुम्हें तुम से मिलाने,दिखाने
तुम्हारा ही अनंत प्रेम स्वरूप
खुद को खोज, मौन में हो स्थित
वो तुम्हें तलाश, तुम्हारे पास आ जाता है आकस्मिक…..

बदल जाती है फिर जीवन की लय
भटकन, भय ,उलझने होती हैं दूर।
मैं से हम, हम से संसार हो जाता है एक रूप
हर प्राणी में मिलता है उस परम का रूप
प्रेम, त्याग, कृतज्ञता , कृपा
से हो भरपूर, जीने लगते हैं हम
हर क्षण, हर पल
रहता नही है फिर भूत और भविष्य, बस यही है जीवन का एक पल , जीने को, जी लें उसे
और हो मस्त जीने लगते हैं हम….

फिर उठता है प्रश्न, कि क्या मैं
गुरु मार्ग पर चल परम चेतना से जुड़, गुरु स्वरूप एक हो रहा?
मन तो संसार में, फिर है अपने खेल खेल रहा! जिज्ञासा सी दे मुझे प्रश्न पूछने गुरु द्वार ले चला।
कर नमन किया गुरु मोहन से प्रश्न
मंत्र जप करूं या ध्यान या करूं पूजा विधान .….
सरल है गुरु मोहन, सरल हैं उनके विचार
कहा हर पल को मान, यही क्षण है बस तेरे पास
अपना सर्वस्व डाल दें फिर है कार्य जो तू करे, गृहस्थी, कार्यक्षेत्र , व्यापार या हो जीव सेवा क्यों न
सब को आतामस्वरूप मान, अपने से पहले दूसरों की कर
सबकी सोच, हर प्राणी ,जीव, वनस्पति सब परम चेतना स्वरूप
धरा को लौटा ऋण उसका, रख कर तू मान, पलती आई है तुझे अनंत काल से, वही तो है तेरी मोक्षद्वार….मैं तो एक दर्पण हूं
तुझे तेरा रूप दर्शाने को
जो तू भूल गया है उसे बताने को।
राह भी तू, मंजिल भी तू, मैं हूं सदा तेरा मार्गदर्शन करने को।

मोहनजी आचार्य


This is kaliyuga the end of time
Look again

In between the gaping chasms of glitter and guileless sparkle
Nothing is what it seems

Today in a crowded room one can feel miserably lonely
Fake laughter fills the air
We are masterful actors becoming the part

Look around
So few about with a soul connection
Even less with a clear purpose in life

What seems perfect on the outside
is simp!y not

Don’t be fooled
Don’t be fooled

Let us rethink our perverted pleasure of selling fake bliss to the world 
Like sophisticated smartasses we work so hard fooling ourselves this is real
Inevitably like a bad bollywood movie the plot weaves queasily and thickens contemptuously

Nothing is what it seems
Nothing is what it seems

In Mohanji’s luminescent presence
awareness dawns 
We get close to our truth
Pretending becomes unbearable

Don’t be fooled
Don’t be fooled

For if we are to reach rapture of bhaav state
We must face the zombie eclipse of our dulled mind like Arjuna did
So hold your arch steady and take careful aim
Keep your eye on the prize

Oh intrepid warrior put down that bow and arrow
Make love not war

Is it not only in perfect surrender that Mohanji takes over
Take a leap of faith and dive into depths unknown

Lose yourself
Find yourself
Die to live!

Mohanji is watching
Never missing a thing

So laugh out loud knowing full well his unconditional love makes you float like a butterfly and hum like bee

Life transforms to joy 
when his unfathomable grace is near.

Sandra Sankar
South Africa

Missing the Bus

From the blink of an eye, I saw the crowded  bus arrive,
I ran to board it with all my might, 
Screaming “Mohanji Mohanji, let me take that ride”.

I tapped the bus but it moved away from my sight,
I dint despair over my plight,
Instead I thought “Mohanji knows best and I will survive”.

Then in a few seconds , I saw the same bus arrive,
I smiled to myself and saw how Mohanji works in our life, 
He wanted to give me a pleasant ride,
So He sent the empty bus for my cry.

Deep gratitude rose in my heart,
And this was the beginning of a new start.

With Gratitude,

Lakshmi Nair

A Message on Datta Jayanti – Part 2: Long Life Prayer for Brahmarishi Mohanji

Om Svasti!
I bow down to the Masters of Supreme Perfection—the Holders of the Throne of Eternally Imperishable Wisdom—Please bless us from Your Most Exalted Spheres so that we may lift ourselves from the ground of ignorance to the Firmament of Absolute Truth!

I bow down to the Supreme Being—the Beginning and End of all things—the Heart of Existence Itself—O Primordial Light!—Awaken to Your Own Essence through our shallow tremoring breasts and turn our yet impure longing to Perfectly Pure Wisdom!

To our Nectarous Mother Who Dances within the Fields of Never-Ending Light—Who holds us within Her Infinite Creative Expanse—Please shower Your Divine Love onto us, the creatures who beg to be dissolved into That which Truly Is!

Acknowledging the Sublime Masters dwelling in the cardinal directions of North, South, East and West, and through all corners of this unfathomable Ocean of Space and Light—I begin this prayer.


To our Supreme Teacher—to Brahmarishi Mohanji, Whose Lotus Feet, with every step, flood this Earth with Divine Blessings—For the benefit of all sentient and insentient beings—May You live long!

To You Whose Diamond Eyes bless the sky and all the rays of the Sun that shine to wake us all—O Mohanji!—May Your Eyes of Brightness shine upon us for years long to wake us from our endless dream of illusion and pain!

To You, Perfect Gurudeva, Who has been named by the Luminous Sage, Shri Agastya Brahmarishi, as Vishvamitra—‘Friend of the Universe’—and Who sits atop of the Highest Seventh Sphere of Perfection—May a Rain of Light cascade from That Realm and guide Your Lotus Fragrance as a wind to uplift those who suffer the most—to those who have, as a result of compacted layers of trauma, fear, anger, ignorance and hate, and the destructive actions that such negative emotions give rise to, turned away from the True Path—May Your Name alone give them life and lead them to the Golden Tower of Salvation.

O it is true, that in the Palaces of Siddhas, Nagas, Devas and Vidyadharas, they sing Your Name aloud one hundred and eight times daily, for it is Those Who give Themselves wholeheartedly to the beings of this world who suffer—it is Those Who are seen as the Greatest within the Courts of Wise Men—Thus, May They Who truly know What Is and what is not, continue to sing Your Name and bless Your Divine Work in this world!

Mohanji the Brave, Siddha of the Brightness that never ends—King of Avadhutas—May Your Blessings be sustained through the uninterrupted activity of those empowered by the effortless flow of Your Compassion—May You live long and in perfect health to see the Vision of our Lord Bhagavan Dattatreya accomplished in loving exactitude!

O Great Being Who abides in a Golden Body of Light—May that Light continue to Glow and May the Army of Protectors—Servants of Supreme Rudra Maheshvara and the All-Inclusive One, Sublime Datta Bhagavan and His Emanation-Son, Shri Sai Nath Maharaj—May that Army of courageous forces guard Your Divine Body and make Your Habitation a Bastion of Light and an Impenetrable Fortress of Siddhanta!

May those who wish to flood this world with the foam of perpetual darkness—May they see the Light of Your Golden Face and turn away—to repent and later enter through the lower doors into the Masters’ Stairway of Grace!

Fulfilled in Your Sight, satiated with Your Name—we who would look toward the Truth stand hallowed and grateful for the Mercy of Your Incarnation. Thus, may it be extended for the benefit of all beings who reach for the ever-present Sky of Reality, of Truth!

Within a trillion Spheres of Pure Scintillating Light, Yours is the only Name that truly exists—Brahmarishi Mohanji!—Continue to bless us with Your Perfect Presence! May all beings come to know You not as a mere apparent man, but as a Perpetual Fountain of Light—as the Blessing-Glow of the Truth of What Is!

May we all stand in the Light for the times to come, and May the coming darkness be cast out by an Army of Victorious Siddhas waving the Golden Flag of Your Name from the Three Pearl-White Horses of Blessing, Teaching and Subduing!

Many have come, and Many have gone—May You be remembered, revered, worshiped and, most importantly, known as You are, Lord Mohanji—and May You grant us, the beings who are fortunate to walk in the Shadow of Your Light, and all the beings of the eras to come, with the Perfection of Your Memory—through Your sustained and secure Bodily Presence, here and now in this day.

May these words be fortuitous for the worthy and unworthy alike. May the Light of What Is reign Supreme. May the True Essence of Sanatana Dharma, in its original non-sectarian, non-denominational Form, wash this world, and all realms where illusion prevails—May it wash them into the never-ending Ocean of Light and Bliss, that all Great Avadhootas, and the Avadhoota King Himself, Bhagavan Mohanji, know as Their Supreme Abode.

Let Light serve the wicked and the great alike through endless effortless purification and the natural dissipation of ignorance and suffering. There is only one God. He is the Eternal Lord of Perfection. O Mohanji—You are His Emanation! 

I say again, for the benefit of all beings in all realms and spheres of Consciousness through North, South, East and West—May You live long, Guruji!—in perfect health, bliss and the company of the worthy, qualified and accomplished—May Your Divine Life be secure! 

Forever held in the Fold of the Beings of the Heart, the Immortal Masters of Nectar and Light—at the time when They Whose Wisdom is incalculable and unfathomable decree—May You thus succeed to Your Final Station, in the Great Eternal Light of What Is.
This prayer for the long life and health of the embodied form of the Perfect Master, Avadhoota and Avatar—Brahmarishi Mohanji—was composed for the occasion of Datta Jayanti by his humble disciple, Jack H. Barratt, on 21st November, 2022.
May it be auspicious!

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What can I give?

There is a song:

‘What do you give someone
Who’s taken all you thought you were away?’

What is left is He

He is with me all the time

Making me fall low and rise high

He makes me fall awake 

He shakes me and reorganises

And shakes again

No escape into a daydream or in mind chatter

He makes me mute myself

He makes me plug in when I am plugged out

I project all of my visions onto him

But He cannot be captured

He does none of the above

He allows it and remains beyond

my projections, visions, missions

Feverish activities and goals

He makes me feel worthy

And belonging and close

and worthless and irrelevant,

left out and misunderstood

All for the sake of experience

So that even I can get beyond

Where else should I go?

‘What do you give someone
Who’s taken all you thought you were away?

I give him this game of life

It is the weirdest game

I ever played

No hide and seek

Openness is required

To play this game, which

I begin to enjoy 

one starts with a question:

What have I got to lose

now that I have already won?

Nothing to hold on to. Nothing to gain

Contradiction is the tumbler

Where my mind gets lost

And gets muted

And gets still


I give love

To love


The only thing I can give is not even mine!

by Linda Abrol

November 2022

विनती सुनो

जब हम गुरु से जुड़ते हैं, और मुक्ति के मार्ग पर अग्रसर होते हैं, तभी परीक्षा भी होती हैं, मन संसार में उलझता है, गिरने की संभावना होती हैं। उस समय गुरु से प्रार्थना ही की जा सकती है की वे हमे थामे रखे और अपनी कृपा बनाए रखें। अनुनय और विनय भी गुरु से ही की जा सकती है। यही भाव ले कुछ पंक्तियां लिखी हैं।

विनती सुनो विनती सुनो
विनती सुनो ही गुरुवार
शरण तिहारी मैं आई हूं
विनती सुनो हे गुरुवर
विनती सुनो हे भगवन
जन्म जन्म से भटकी हूं
त्रसदियों से निकली हूं
तन मन जंजर हो रहा
विनती सुनो हे गुरुवर
विनती सुनो हे भगवन
शरण तिहारी मैं आई हूं ।
मन माया जाल में भटक रहा
रिश्ते नातों में है ऊलझ रहा
अंधकार में है डूब रहा
रोशनी की चाह में भटक रहा
विनती सुनो हे गुरुवर
विनती सुनो हे भगवन
शरण तिहारी मैं आई हूं।
थाम लो जो हाथ मेरा
चेतना तुम्हारी संग एक हो
तुम्हीं में विलय हो कर
भवसागर से तर जाऊं मैं
शरण तुम्हारी आई हूं मैं
मेरे मोहन! मेरे मोहन!
विनती सुनो हे गुरुवर
विनती सुनो हे भगवन
मेरे मोहन! मेरे मोहन।

निरुपमा मोहनजी आचार्या

Chaos to clarity

There are times we fall so low in self-esteem
that our self-confidence plummets.

Sometimes our poor eating choices makes us so sick
that we are too weak to pick ourselves up.

Sometimes we are consumed
by the overwhelming fear of getting sick.

Sometimes it’s just hard
to shake off the constant negativity.

It’s everywhere.

Hanging heavy like a thick, cloying morning mist over the ground.


Have you noticed that the recurring word is ‘self’?

We create our reality!

Whilst the highs and lows are part of life,
what we need to know is.

We can control the decisions we make.


The biggie is.

Awareness empowered decisions.

This is the beautiful Mohanji Factor.


Slowly, we become aware
that we also automatically tune into other frequencies all around us.

The question then becomes, which was my authentic thought.

Calming down our minds is an artful process.

As we watch the race of our thoughts,
we begin to question it’s authenticity.

This is mine. No, not mine. I do not think like that.

And so we become increasingly discerning
of the melting pot of thought projections affecting the quality of our lives.

Thus awareness says our beloved Parabrahma
is how we become Masters over the dominion of illusion.

It starts off just by watching.

However, the brew of what we think comes from the sensory cocktail of our senses.

Beyond our karmic tendencies, electronic and print media
are the main stimuli of our thought creation and reality matrix.

Remember how we have bad dreams after watching a horror movie?

Or getting a stomach ache after eating terrible food.

Stimulated by the mix of emotional triggers,
the subtle landscape of our mind matter is affected.

It literally feeds off the data coming in as the senses overload.

Be careful.

Sometimes that data coming in,
is artfully calculated to stop us from going inside.

Designed to distract us from understanding our true power.

Or recognising our true nature.

Be careful.

What you put in, you get out.

Funny thing.

The mind reacts like it is alive.

Actually, more like it has a life all its own.

As it becomes aware of being watched, it reacts.

Slows down.

Eventually stops.


In the roaring stillness, we finally arrive where Mohanji is.

There is light everywhere.

We are that light.


In doing so, we finally prick the bubble
of illusion that kept us coming back.

There are no others.

All is thyself.

I am Mohanji.

Mohanji is me.

There is no separation, never was.

by Sandra Shankar
September 2022

तेरे चरणों की रज चाहिए

तेरे चरणों की रज चाहिए
तेरे चरणों की रज चाहिए
रम जाए मन मेरा, इन चरणों में
कर दूं सब समर्पण इन चरणों में
जो पाऊं शरण तुम्हारी हे गुरुवर
तर जाऊं मैं भवसागर से
जो तेरे चरणों की रज पाऊं मैं।

तेरे चरणों की रज चाहिए
तेरे चरणों की रज चाहिए

हर कर्म हो तुम्हें समर्पित
हर शवास हो तुम्हें समर्पित
प्राण, ध्येय तुम्हें समर्पित
भावनाएं,विचार भी समर्पित
पालनहार तुम्हीं हो गुरुवर
तर जाऊं मैं भवसागर पार
जो तेरे चरणों की रज पाऊं मैं।

तेरे चरणों की रज चाहिए
तेरे चरणों की रज चाहिए

हो जाऊं मैं शुद्ध बुद्ध
जो तुम हो मेरे अंतास्थित
पाप वासनाएं सब हो नष्ट
अंताकर्ण हो विशुद्ध
एक हो जाऊं चेतना से तेरी
तेरे रूप में जो रम जाऊं मैं
जो तेरे चरणों की रज पाऊं मैं।

तेरे चरणों की रज चाहिए।
तेरे चरणों की रज चाहिए।।


Mohanji, the Ultimate Sacrifice

How can I speak of the stature of my Guru?
I never knew him.
The most ordinary of men but still not a man.
I can only speak about my experience.

Mohanji, when I first met you, in an instant, you gave me everything I could ever think of.
Still, you keep giving and only giving. Never asking for anything in return.

No desire of mine is too big, too small or too silly.
To you, it’s all the same.
You sacrificed your own life so that I can have a life of fulfilment and transformation, ensuring I don’t need to return.

You are there for me through time and space.
Even in my dreams, you are there, always serving me.
When not possible in the daytime you allow me to be with you in my sleep.

My biggest desire is to serve you
But how is that possible?
You never needed anything from me.

Please let me serve you through thousands of mouths of those in need.
May I only see your face and your feet in everyone I meet.

Father, I bow at your holy feet on this Guru Purnima and every day.

My deepest respect and Love,