Sands of time passing swiftly each moment…
My hand in Your hand keeps me from drifting away…
The heavier the flow, the tighter becomes Your grip…
Within I know Your hand is my only survival kit…
Your warmth, Your support…
Your love and Togetherness…
Gives me hope, gives me solace… assuring my being…
I am home once again… I am home once again.

Jai Jai Sadguru Shree Mohanji Maharaj


Written by Neha Parekh

on 31st July 2018

To Mohanji on Guru Purnima

Mohanji FB 1

*गुरु ही सांस है*
*गुरु ही आस है*
*गुरु ही प्यास हैै*
*गुरु ही ज्ञान है*
*गुरु ही ससांर है*
*गुरु ही प्यार है*
*गुरु ही गीत है*
*गुरु ही संगीत है*
*गुरु ही लहर है*
*गुरु ही भीतर है*
*गुरु ही बाहर है*
*गुरु ही बहार है*
*गुरु ही प्राण है*
*गुरु ही जान है*
*गुरु ही संबल है*
*गुरु ही आलंबन है*
*गुरु ही दर्पण है*
*गुरु ही धर्म है*
*गुरु ही कर्म है*
*गुरु ही मर्म है*
*गुरु ही नर्म है*
*गुरु ही प्राण है*
*गुरु ही जहान है*
*गुरु ही समाधान है*
*गुरु ही आराधना है*
*गुरु ही उपासना है*
*गुरु ही सगुन है*
*गुरु ही निर्गुण है*
*गुरु ही आदि है*
*गुरु ही अन्त हैै*
*गुरु ही अनन्त है*
*गुरु ही विलय है*
*गुरु ही प्रलय है*
*गुरु ही आधि है*
*गुरु ही व्याधि है*
*गुरु ही समाधि है*
*गुरु ही जप है*
*गुरु ही तप है*
*गुरु ही ताप है*
*गुरु ही यज्ञः है*
*गुरु ही हवन है*
*गुरु ही समिध है*
*गुरु ही समिधा है*
*गुरु ही आरती है*
*गुरु ही भजन है*
*गुरु ही भोजन है*
*गुरु ही साज है*
*गुरु ही वाद्य है*
*गुरु ही वन्दना है*
*गुरु ही आलाप है*
*गुरु ही प्यारा है*
*गुरु ही न्यारा है*
*गुरु ही दुलारा हैै*
*गुरु ही मनन है*
*गुरु ही चिंतन है*
*गुरु ही वंदन है*
*गुरु ही चन्दन है*
*गुरु ही अभिनन्दन है*
*गुरु ही नंदन है*
*गुरु ही गरिमा है*
*गुरु ही महिमा है*
*गुरु ही चेतना है*
*गुरु ही भावना है*
*गुरु ही गहना है*
*गुरु ही पाहुना है*
*गुरु ही अमृत है*
*गुरु ही खुशबू है*
*गुरु ही मंजिल है*
*गुरु ही सकल जहाँ है*
*गुरु समष्टि है*
*गुरु ही व्यष्टि है*
*गुरु ही सृष्टी है*
*गुरु ही सपना है*
*गुरु ही अपना है*


Written by Devadas

For Guru Purnima on 27th July 2018

Ode to Mohanji on Guru Purnima

Mohanji 5 FB

Grace was just another word in the dictionary
Till You took me under your wings;
Surrender was never a word I knew
Till Your words taught me;
I did surrender and what followed was only and only Grace.

Love, You gave me so unconditionally
Never did I fathom its boundaries till You loved me;
Faith, not a feeling but a tradition so powerful
Dawned on me as Your blessings enveloped me
Richer and richer I became, no trophies or bounties could give me.

Service and compassion could be so magical and expanding
Every cell of me started experiencing
Because You were present every moment
Guiding to be pure in thoughts, words and actions
Being meaningful in existence for one and all.

I have only one thing to offer You my Master
Gratitude and gratitude every second of my life
Half a decade and a metamorphosis I have undergone
With Your love, Your grace, Your blessings and omnipresence
For this, none other than me can vouch and comprehend.


Written by Nikita

For Guru Purnima on 27th July 2018

A Mystique Yogi Nath Mohanji



He captivates everyone
Like His name
He walks with grace
Glow on His face

A bewitching smile
With an innocence of a child

On His path
None goes empty
Animals or humans
He showers His blessings

He gazes with compassion
With never ending love

Some address Him as Guruji
Some call Him Master or Baba
Some call Him Father

For me He is my all in one
A “Big Brother”
An assurance He gives me
“I am always with you ”
Is a reminder from my beloved Guru
All I can say is I love Him
All I can see is Love personified

Jai Matha! Jai Bhagwan!!
Jai Mohanji! Jai Guru Parampara!!
Written by Pramod Nair
For Guru Purnima 2018 on 27th July

Mohanji and I


Biljana Vozarevic and Mohanji

I:               I always look for You. I feel pain when we are apart.

Mohanji:  Don’t look for me outside. Look for me in your heart.


I:               I want to express my gratitude to You. What can I do for You?

Mohanji:  Love all, serve all – the society, birds, animals, to name a few.


I:               I give my life to You until the complete mergence.

Mohanji:  We’re already one. Between us there is no distance.


I:               I really, really love You. I love You like nobody.

Mohanji:  If you really love me, see Mohanji in everybody.


I:               I feel you are guiding me, that I am always in your embrace.

Mohanji:  I look on all equally. Not a leaf moves except by My grace.


I:               I have tremendous faith in You, it is freedom that I want to get tasted.

Mohanji:  If your faith in me is unshakeable, intense, true, it will never go wasted.


I:              Will You always be with me, on the left, right, inside, below and above?

Mohanji:  I will never leave the hands of anyone who REMEMBERS me with LOVE.


I:               I sleep, my life is a dream, but it is You who I want to become, to be.

Mohanji:  Wake Up. When you become fully awake to me, you will become me.


I:               I feel You, see You, listen to You. Can You see me? Can You see me?

Mohanji:  I see you when you see me. I see you even when you don’t see me.


I:               I talk about You very often. I talk to You. Do you hear me blabber?

Mohanji:  When you talk, I hear you. When you don’t talk, I hear you better.


Biljana Vozarevic
1st July 2018

Note: This dialogue is imaginary. It is based on Mohanji’s teaching and my deep connection with Him.

The Avadhoota in Jeans


This birth is surrendered to you Para Brahma.

I am just the slave …to serve YOU unconditionally.

Thank you for making my life worth by giving me this opportunity.

Loving YOU, is my existence. I do not know anything else.

Serving YOU is my truth. I can not do anything else.

Thank you for your grace and love. I have no more wishes.

Thank you for being in me, I have no more desires.

Love you Mohanji… till the time eternal.

Koti Pranam at your feet, my Gurudev!


Written by Subhasree Thottungal
on her birthday, 11th July 2018