How Mohanji Changed My Life

M shaktipat (42)


I wrote my experience in 9 verses, the number 9 being a symbol of completeness.



He can tame the wildest minds into the meek

He can get the hurtful ones the truth to seek

He turns perverts or addicts to the path of virtue

Disassembles, reassembles, infuses with love true



He quenches the thirst for peace and completeness

Fills our hearts with divine spiritual sweetness

Now when a new thought comes and crosses my mind

I see with gifted new eyes, while ex-eyes kept me blind



I’ve always loved to push the limits and have more from life

But with highs came the lows, too, bringing inner strife

I suffered a lot because I lost heart’s biggest treasures

While I thought that life was only for collecting pleasures



I thought the real happiness comes from achieving goals

And that by improving skills I was taking life controls

So I’ve experienced romances, marriage, children as a mother

University, job, marathons, goals one after another



But then I started feeling that something was missing

The purpose of all this neither mum nor dad were giving

What is the purpose of this all? The question started burning.

Who am I? Into a seeker I was slowly turning.



Mohanji appeared at exactly the right moment

Weaved love into me, released what was lying dormant,

With omnipotent, unconditional love purer than angel’s tear

Gave me more than life took from me, making me freer



I realised that life has actually no other aim

But express what you can, play or get name and fame

And when you’re up there, you see it is all a joke

Grateful, I started poring over what Mohanji spoke



I turned to myself within to search for real bliss there

That which is permanent, eternal power everywhere

Everyone of us has that pure fountain of abundance

Love for God is better than any other romance



I always want to express from the heart directly

That doing good makes me stronger, settles me correctly

By loving Mohanji and my consciousness grows too

Dearest Master I crave to merge completely with You



With Love

Biljana Vozarevic
on 29th April 2018