A Man I Know Of

Mohanji, kriya intensive in Bosnia 2019 (17)

There is a man I know of,
who works tirelessly every moment,
he gives all he has, and then some more,
touches many a heart which is open,
Is he a reality, the mind questions,
but there is no mistaking his actions!

There is a man I know of,
who empowers all those who look to him,
often with his own flesh and blood,
with no thought of its effect on his own resources,
how is he made this way, I often wonder,
because there is no logic to his generosity!

There is a man I know of,
who shines bright like a thundering lighthouse,
without a care for the fate of his safety,
just so he can guide the tossing ships,
lost in the darkness of the stormy seas called life.

There is a man I know of,
my heart swells up when I think of his nature,
I feel sad and happy at the same time,
for I know he will go unnoticed by many,
until, all we have is his legends.

There is a man I know of,
and I am honoured to have met him in person,
for time can do what it wants with him,
but I know I will find him forever,
in the deepest corner of myself.

A Man I Know Of, devotional poem by Preethi Gopalarathnam

Preethi Gopalarathnam

12th June 2019