I Am with You Everywhere


Shiva Mohana..Datta Narayana..Adi Parabrahma
Mohanji Guruve..
Premavatara,.. Moksha pradayaka… Jaya jaya jaya… Mohanji Guruve… Siddhi dayaka.Kashta vinashaka..karunamurthi Mohanji Guruve..jaya jaya jaya Mohanji Guruve..
Sai Datta, Shakti daata,
Sarva Mangala Shanti swaroopa
Charanan Saranam Mohanji Baba,
Saranam Saranam… Mohanji Guruve…

When I was on a seaside, looking younder… wondering and Alone..
Mohanji from inside gave me these words:

I Am here
I Am there
I Am with You
Turn. Right or Left
Look Up or Down. Go deep
Inside… I reside there. I Am with you
Do not doubt
Keep your Faith strong
I Am with You Everywhere.

Inspired by Gurudev Mohanji
With humble salutations…
Gayatri Jayashankar

For this, I am grateful


Seeing the fresh morning dew

Smelling the rain and the roses too

Hearing the cuckoos and the squirrels

Sensing the tingling raindrops

For this, I am grateful!


The agonies and pains of the body

The aches and murmur of the heart

The ebb and flow of thoughts

The reactions and responses of the intellect

For this, I am grateful!


Of the dualities in life

Of laughter and sorrows that flow

Of anger and kindness that wafts in

Of lessons in love and bitterness

For this, I am grateful!


Alone on a wondrous journey

Engrossed in the music and dance of life

With blessings and guidance from the Master

Flowing through this chosen path

For this, I am grateful!


By Rekha Murali


Retrospect and Pray

Here is a poem inspired by Mohanji. The temples, churches, gurudwaras are closed and no place to go and pray. The man had become selfish and  immune to his surroundings and fellow beings. Therefore man is in quarantine to retrospect and pray.

हे पालन हार हे प्रभु
नमन कर रही
तेरे चरणो में
कर कृपा कर कृपा!
करुणा तेरी की
मनुहार करू
दयावान दयालू
तू है कहलाया
मुरादे  पूरी करता आया
जब घबराया तेरे दर आया
दिया है तूने ही सहारा ।
पर  करुणामय भगवान
क्यो रुठ, कर बन्द द्वार
बैठा है, जब दुनिया मे
हो रहा अहाकार
बन्द इंसान घरों में
सुनी सड़के , आसमान
भय से जी रहे सभी
मिलने से भी घबरा रहे
कहाँ करे जा पुकार।
क्यो बन्द कर बैठा है द्वार
बन्द है, बाजार, व्यापार
बाहर निकलने को बेज़ार
सूर्य चाँद तो चमके
नव पल्ललव भी दमके
चिड़ियो का कलरव भी सुने
पर कहाँ है ‘शान्ति’ सौचे इंसान
क्यों बन्द कर बैठा है द्वार
नसीहत तेरी है बलवान
कांप रहा डर के इंसान
मौत का खोफ़
अकेलापन, अपनो को खोने का डर, करे अब पश्चताप
हर इंसान
प्रार्थना है, खोल द्वार
दे दीदार , कर कृपा
हे करुणामय भगवान !
कर कृपा हे करुणामय भगवान
कर कृपा, कर कृपा।

Written by Nirupma Chaudhary

Happy Birthday Mohanji

Happy birthday Mohanji - from Singapore

Here is yet another devotional song by our own Sonia Gandhi that was offered to Mohanji on his Birthday and enjoyed by all audience present in the function.


There was a stream of new songs offered by devotees that filled the air with devotion and bliss.
Mohanji’s Aarati in Tamil by Madhu’s mother from Mumbai
Mohanji’s Aarati in Marathi by Mahesh from Canada
Datta Aarati by Sanjay from Canada
A song by Sudha & Kirti from UK
A song by Sonia from Australia
Two songs by Ulla from Denmark


Happy Birthday Mohanji

I wish to dedicate this poem in Hindi for Mohanji on his Birthday

तेरी कृपा से मैं यहाँ हूँ
तेरी कृपा से मैं यहाँ हूँ!

ओ मेरे देवा ओ मेरे मोहन
ओ मेरे साई ओ मेरे दत्ता

तेरे कमल चरण में  शीश नमन कर
जीवन मेरा धन्य हुआ

जितनी बार गिरा हूँ मैं
उतनी बार संभाला

हर तरफ हो तुम मेरे
हर तरफ तेरा ही उजियारा

हर रूप में तुम समाये हो
हर रूप का आधार भी तुम हो

दिन रात तेरा ही नाम लेता रहूँ
तुम ही आसरा हो मेरे

तेरी कृपा से मैं यहाँ हूँ
ओ मेरे देवा ओ मेरे मोहन
ओ मेरे साई ओ मेरे दत्ता

प्रमोद नायर

Pramod Nair, UK
23rd February 2020
Happy birthday Mohanji, devotion, love, bhaav, bhakti

Birthday Offering

Birthday offering at the lotus feet of Mohanji – a poem from Sudha Thakur, UK:

Mere Mann Ka Mann Mohan
Sthit Mann Mein Mann Mohan
Chitta Mohan Tan  Mohan
Karta Mohan Karak Mohan
Bhav Sagar Se Tarak Mohan
Sthit Mann Mein Mann Mohan
Mere Mann Ka Mann Mohan

English translation :

My Heart’s joy is Mohan
Resides in my heart, the joy Mohan
Consciousness is Mohan, Body is Mohan
Doer is Mohan, Done is Mohan
From the Ocean of life, the Liberator is Mohan
Resides in my heart, the joy Mohan
My heart’s joy, is Mohan

A very Happy Birthday to my dear Mohanji


23rd February 2020

A Sloka to Mohanji 2


ജ്ഞാനാമൃതം ഗുരുവരം കരുണാസമുദ്രം
ലീലാസുമം ഭുവനപാലമനന്തമാദ്യം
യോഗീശ്വരം മധുരമോഹനമിഷ്ടദൈവം
വന്ദേ മഹാപുരുഷമാര്യമഭൗമദേവം!


I prostrate to my beloved Mohanji,
Who is divine and my favourite Lord,
Who is like a divine flower playing trinity,
Who is nectar of Knowledge,
Whose Compassion is deeper than Ocean,
Who is a timeless king of this world,
Who is the Lord for all the saints,
Who is most noble amongst the great men.

You can listen to the sloka here.

The lyrics written in Sanskrit by Biju Cherukunnam
Translated to English by Revathy Kishore
Composed and voice by Edamana Vasudevan

A Sloka

Mohanji in nature-watermarked


I prostrate to the Sadguru Mohanji who is the soul of the Universe,
The one who is adorable,
The one who destroys the cycle of life and death,
The one who enlightens,
The one who is the Lord of this world,
The one who fills everyone with happiness,
The one who removes sorrow of his devotees,
The one who leads to the victory,
The one who is powerful,
The one who encompasses all virtues,
The one who gives fearlessness to all who prostrates,
The one who eradicates all sins,
The one who is pure and cheerful.


വിശ്വാത്മാനം വരേണ്യം ജനിമൃതിഹരണം ജ്ഞാനദാതാരമീശം
ഭൂമീദേവം മനോജ്ഞം ജനമനമുദിതം ഭക്തസന്താപഹാരം
കീർത്തിസ്തംഭം സുശക്തം സകലഗുണനിധിം മോഹനം സദ്ഗുരും തം
വന്ദേ നിത്യം പ്രസന്നം പ്രണതഭയഹരം പാപചോരം പവിത്രം .

You can listen to it in Sanskrit here.

Originally written in Sanskrit by Biju Cherukunnam
Sung by P. D. Rema Teacher



Like the birds fly the sky and the fish swim the sea
Loving you is natural to me
Like the rose loves the Sun and the leaves love the tree
Loving you is natural to me.

Bhagavan, Bhagavan,Bhagavan
Mohan Datta Guru Bhagavan

Please take this Life, which is already Yours
And use it for whatever You agree
You’re the Heart of us all and because You exist
Freedom becomes natural to me.

Bhagavan, Bhagavan, Bhagavan
Mohan Datta Guru Bhagavan


Written by Ulla Bernholdt
on 19th August 2019

Yatra with Mohanji

I have a desire to be able to go with Mohanji and the family on pilgrimage to Mount  Kailash. This time it seems not possible in a physical matter, but my mind and heart are with you. The connection is what is most important, I realise that every day; in His presence is a pilgrimage. It turned out to be a poem.

Photoshoot with people (14)

Yatra with Mohanji
(on the Road to Kailash and everywhere else)

It is just a feeling
Is it your grace again?
That is guiding me from within
And is calling me to walk with you

Still the road hidden, and my vision a bit dim
But the Path that we follow is Bright
Be aware, Just a single step can change the course of a life
But by grace Your footprints glow in the night

So walk in peace and walk in Grace
Surrender yourself to the One
Who is going nowhere but stays in a place
Of Stillness Beyond the Beyond

Now it does not matter where I’m going
Does not matter what I’m going through
All the People’s faces
all events and places
even what I thought to be me
turns out to be only YOU


Written by Ulla Bernholdt
on 3rd July 2019