For your physical presence

Dedicated to Mohanji by a Mohanji follower


My heart is heavy

My chest is full

My eyes are tearing

My soul is waiting

For your physical presence.

Your love is tempting

My thoughts are seeking 

For your love and proximity

I am fed up of this wait

For your physical presence.

Nothing interests me anymore

Other than your thoughts

Other than your sweet nectar like words

I am being taught patience 

For your physical presence.

Let me come to you my dear Guru

Please take me to you

Just give me a sign 

And I shall follow you without thinking

For your physical presence.

You are my God Almighty

You are my soul, my breath and mind 

You are everthing I seek 

You are everything I need 

Please give me the privilege

To be in your physical presence.

April 2022

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