As awareness dawns, I get a solid wakeup call to what is real and what is unreal,

Close my eyes and wake up to astral meanderings and shining Beings,

Oh Mohanji! you say your physical form is but a fraction of your giant astral form,

As if to reassure me, you show yourself and I catch my breath, may my journey of self discovery lead me to your golden light,

That crazy all pervasive brightness that shines all around me!

Yet, you taught me to understand that I am that too!

Wonder of wonders! Why has this realisation not crossed my mind before?

Aah! Yes, I get it now.

The sheer trickery of the master magician who keeps one hapless in forgetfulness and servitude.

Yes Maya it is.

The master conjuror of smoke and mirrors that make me blind to the truth of how beautiful I truly am.

Sandra Sankar, South Africa
March 2022

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