On The Golden Path

The Path Of Pathless

On the Golden Path

Path of dissolution

Path of nullification 

Liberation happens. 

But how?

Each mind ponders….

You know

Guru happens

Only when disciple is ready.

Oh dear !When Guru arrives

Surrender yourself completely

With full faith and humility

Walk the path to be one with him. 

How to walk the path?

To walk the path with Guru

You  have to die…

You die, it’s appropriate to die!

Or Maya will allure you.

We know Physical body will die one day

Then why not die consciously?

Let “I” die with conscious effort.

Let your “Ego” die.


All the problems Of the world arise from”I” 

The day “I” will die for you , 


You’ll be free from all the troubles.

Be insignificant

Free from bondages!

Listen ! Guru says..

Guru says,’I am Dead’

You die the same way

Let your death be worthwhile.

Physical death is inevitable

So let “I”,and “Ego” die

Let the real death happen

So you become free from the cycle of rebirth

Attain your true nature

Your real self And be one with Parmatama. 

On the Golden Path

Path of dissolution 

Path  of nullification

Attain the final Liberation.


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