The wanderer of 41 days

Travelling to the path of unknown; Am I the Mind or the soul of this very Known; Luxury , comfort, cuddles and craving all of a sudden becomes chaos; You gotta be Partying with your friends and booze ; Which any of those things never ever been fascinates so ;

Beyond those pleasure and pain, there relays something; Was the unquenchable question that always haunts me most; Isn’t it my fakhir found and fund this play as a pretender though; Books after Books search of this spirtual seeker is at stake so ; Its Try Try Try Try Try  And a Cry Cry Cry Cry Whereas at times, it is a Hide Hide Hide Hide and a Run Run Run Run;

Why can’t I be like my other friends or else Is she screwless; As the wind blows and so the Tear Rolls; Scared Kafni of unknown Saint Snugs Astound; Huge blow at the hit of the Ego Echoes Around; I Never knew the Numbness of this Seekers Pain Felt so damn Good;

Darkest Tunnel of all time lost her Light ray of hope; Was Ready to Wear the Mask to took part in the so called Survival Show; This is where the plot took that twist of Faithfulness was your thing; My Beard Man of Familiar touch Came from god’s own Country;

Striking Lightning with the Massive Thundering Bolts; Isn’t it the sharpness of his eyes sets me in Fire ; or else the Silence of the breath That mutes the being of Mind; Words can’t be Full while She whines wholly as You; What else Father?; I’m the lost child of yours who seeks to Take Refugee at your Wrist!!!….

Penned with Love

Dated Forever

Pranams at your feet. Jai Mohanji!!!!!!!!

Sowmia Kolanjinathan

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