Happy Birthday Mohanji!

Mohanji Fb (1)
Shine! Shine! Oh bright star!
It is your own light after all!
You shine beyond barriers, beyond boundaries in the vast night sky
When one can see your true glory.
You come to declare,
“Fear not the darkest of the nights,
My light shall dispel it!”
Shine shine, Oh bright star!
How magical thou are!
You reveal what You are when the world is in slumber,
But there are just a few in number
Who find You
Who cannot sleep until they see You.
From You, oh star, the universe has emerged.
Into You it will  dissolve and Your divine command is
  “Shine like Me in pure light and love until you merge in Me.”
Written by Sathya Shivakumar
for Mohanji’s birthday on 23rd February 2019

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