Sleepless Nights

In 2017 I had many sleepless nights where I felt like falling into the abyss. Sometimes I was writing poems to Mohanji, I haven’t showed him because besides longing for his love, it was the product of ego being afraid of emptiness. Still I want to share the poems now with everybody in case somebody feels the same ❤


Here is the poem 1:

Sleepless Nights

Oh my dear friend
I betrayed myself again.
I don’t know why
But I want to cry.
I’m confused and lost.
For freedom what is the cost?
I’m trapped inside of this body
And I feel like nobody.
Want to be gentle and kind
But eventually for that I don’t mind
I forget my cause
So I end with flaws.
There is no life for me
Until You set me free
Now only I can see
That I can be
Fake and real
But I don’t know the difference
The love in me has no such influence.
So what can I say to you
That can be true
That I can guarantee
What I said it was me
When there is only a shame left
as poor potential for silent death.
I wished to be good and dear
But that was only because of fear.
I only want to be me
And from that concept to be free.
Written by Anonimous



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