My Beloved Father


Oh my beloved Father!


Thank You oh Father!

For the abundant love you have shared

For grace and compassion from lifetime to lifetime

For You know my heart,

For the tears I wept, You consoled this weak heart


Love You beloved Father!

Every cell chants Shiva

Every breath breathes Your name

Oh please let every moment of this life, of all lives

Be a dedication to You


Bless You beloved One

Bless the hands that bless the world

Bless the heart that is the heart of the universe

Bless the eyes of the One who sees all alike

Bless You oh Shiv! My beloved Shiv!


Love and Pranaams to the lotus feet of my divine Guru, Brahmarishi Mohanji


Written by Salona Surjoo
on 5th October 2018

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