A Guide to Eternity

Guide to Eternity, a devotional poem - to Mohanji by Pramod Nair-Hindi

O Mohanji

Beloved of my heart

Listen to me

Whenever I am in distress

Please uphold me

In my world of darkness

Be the lamp that lights up my path

Erase my ignorance

Enlighten and liberate me

My humble obeisance to you

For you are my guide to eternity.


Mohanji – Mere Jeevan ka Adhaar

Mere man ko harne wale

O mere pyaare Mohanji

Har pal saath chalna mera

Jab bhi man vyakul ho jaye

To sambhalna  mujhe

Main toh nasamajh hoon

Mera sahara ban jao

Mere Andhiyare jahan mein

Roshan ka chiraag ban aao

Mera naman sveekar kar

Mere jeevan ka aadhar ban jao.


Written by  Pramod Nair
on 18th February 2018


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