Reply on Mohanji’s Guru Poornima Message 2012

Reply on Mohanji’s Guru Poornima Message 2012:

Trees can’t be planted here until autumn
And I wanted to show my gratitude’s blossom
Though I will plant one on some later datum
Let me humbly offer now this lightsome poem

Whoever’s aware to walk towards the soul
is to be aware of the ultimate goal
to reach it, unshakeable faith is the tool
apart from conviction, there’s no strict rule

Sometimes you may feel nothing is moving
Sometimes you may feel nothing is happening
Sometimes there is only repeating
Sometimes it is all too boring

But as you took that one plunge and the river flows
it itself is taking you to life’s hugs and blows
Solution is Patience with capital P
and with it Devotion, to teach you how to be

Whether you’re determined, life will give you tests
you cannot be lulled by false security nests
life will send agony before it sends ecstasy
rely on the faith in everpresent mercy

Liberation is the aim of every soul
dissolution, sacred golden path is the goal
where only pure Unconditional Love exists
one’ll reach there who on this path endures, persists

You cannot be broken if you practise kindness
if you help the helpless, wipe tears, stop blindness
Compassion elevates, makes us subtle, human
selfless service takes higher, whether you’re man or woman

It will take consciousness higher and higher
regardless of which sadguru you love or admire
immitating lifestyle is not spiritual fire
Live the Guru’s teachings is His only desire

He does not need anything from you
except: to yourself please be faithful and true
whether you are champion, ruler, husband, wife
you’re successful if you pass tests of real life

A real test of life is not scores in exams
but how you endure the path of joys and sorrows,
navigate through winding roads of karmic life
This needs FAITH and with deep faith GRACE follows


And how’s the faith destroyed nowadays?
Society lacks real spiritual grounding
education is now a commodity for sale
for competition, supremacy, frustrating and binding

Children become tired, rebellious, angry,
self-destructive, restless, with no peace within
emotional outbursts with peace as secondary
that is what happens when faith is fragile, thin

Growing up in virtual world of make-believe
virtual gratifications, life and relationships
children are growing up scared of the real
breaking down when real life brings real hardships

Solution is not removing virtual world
but being aware, not enslaved by it
with awareness one can handle many worlds
with awareness child will not feel a misfit

Pushing the children, pumping intellect
in order that they feel better off, proud
is a trap and binding, when enslaved by it
sun of name, fame, titles, then has a grey cloud

Tailoring children to be competitive
dividing them into winners and failures
is destroying their faith, inner stability
insensitive society makes unstable seniors

Real success is not to become one above all
Each of us is one of all, that is not the goal
but how we learn from life, nature, our own soul
then everything can play our own guru’s role

Real success, to see the truth, develop our inner eyes
to learn to see, accept the real with unshakable trust
to master our mind aspiring to the highest
consciousness in life is inevitability and a must

Dissolution, transcension, merging with the source
shedding, dropping off, not cutting by force
every knowledge unlearned, dissolved, nullified
inner letting go of whatever’s acquired

We evolve through being, not doing or knowing
not by whatever is our ego’s blowing
limitlessness, the conscious, is becoming THAT
cause only then there’s ONE from which we’re not separate

Written on 3rd July 2012 by Biljana Vozarevic

Mohanji’s reply:
Thank You, Bilja. May you always be guided and protected. May you always be with the truth. Bless you with the highest awareness. Bless you always. ♥ M

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